TIPS; The Basics

GIMP Innovations


Advice #1:
Always save your picture as ' .png ' and NOT ' .jpg '
So for example, when you're about ready to save your poster or whatever put this: ' NAME.png '
This makes the poster keep it's High Quality look unlike ' .jpg '

Advice #2:
Always work with HIGH QUALITY Photos.
Never work with photos that have been edited for example:

Advice #3:
Never ENLARGE your photos.
It makes it BLURRY, UGLY, AND HIDEOUS. :P For Example:
Pretty Picture:

To Ugly, Blurry, Hideous Picture when enlarged:P :
(But Sandeuls face will forever be beautiful and gorgeous sobbing why is my bias so perfect)


Advice #4: 
Don't put pictures that are self - taken.
I honestly think it ruins the quality of the poster unless blended correctly.



Advice #5:
Stick to pictures that match your theme.
A Sad Poster means: Straight Faces, Non-Smiling photos.
A Happy Poster means: Happy Faces!
It ruines the mood if you put a happy picture in a sad poster or a sad picture in a happy poster!



Advice #6:
Stop yourself from adding too many brushes, textures, patterns, and renders.
A crowded poster is not pleasing to see.
Unless you're REALLY good at blending all this stuff together I suggest you DO NOT put too many of these stuff.
It makes the poster looks crowded, stuffy, and... bleh.

Advice #7:
It give a headache to readers and isn't pleasing.
Just make sure when having fun with colors don't put them all stuffed together.

Advice #8:
When pictures are cut off, make sure NOT to show the cut off part, it's unattractive. :P
Hide the cut off part or find a different picture. Simple as that.

Advice #9:
Make your own backgrounds!
It looks better making your own background with textures, grids, line novas, line art, light textures, etc.
It will make the poster better suited to your theme.
It may take a little time to make your backgrounds looks good, but practice makes perfect! ^o^

The beginning is always boring, but this helps a lot when making your poster!


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EXOSHIDAEfxaddict #1
Chapter 42: And then how do you put it the poster?? I'm basically struggling to put my poster on my fanfic... .-. Do i have to copy it and paste it or what??
jongupper #2
this is such a life saver for a rookie! thank you!
TypicalAuthornim #3
Chapter 18: what brush should I use?
I mean, 675 pixels or 1250 pixels or 2500 pixels? I use windows, and does Photoshop brushes apply for GIMP?
ShaHanimAljufry #4
Chapter 7: do you know how to make curve effect font?
evernight #5
Chapter 18: Hi there! I decided to start doing up a poster, but I got stuck and I don't know whre thr brush layer os! Where do I press that?
dennermin #6
This is so good~ ^^
sisisijak #7
congrats! authornim! hwaiting!
hooulove #8
Congrats on getting featured ^___^
hanbining #9
Chapter 43: Congratulations on getting featured, author-nim! Voted!
heeyyooo #10
Congratulations on getting featured! ^^