The Winter Land: The Rise of an Empire (Quadlan Series: Part II)


After finding the book, Minjeong returns to Winterland with her reign in mind, but the worry of what Jimin is slowly becoming terrifies her. Joohyun seeks shelter in Dimland, slowly going crazy over Seungwan's death, and Seulgi will have to save her from her dark path. The war is far from over, now that Minjeong holds the knowledge to kill everyone, but a new enemy looms at the corner, trying to take advantage of the broken nation. 


After finding the book, Minjeong returns to Winterland, now ruling over Sproutland and Dimland. Joohyun's threat looms over her head, stressing her more than it should. However, she has other problems. Jimin barely controls her dark magic; at this point, she needs a miracle to save her. In Dimland, things can't be more doomed, now that Seulgi has to control her lover (whom she forced to rehab) and Princess Irene, now just Joohyun, whose new friendship with Minjeong's sister has taken her off the rails in her quest of bringing back Seungwan from the death. Over Waterland, the equilibrium is also broken, and Jennie will have to achieve great things soon if she wants to keep the throne for herself. Now, what used to be a kingdom, is not anymore, and they are all waiting for Winter to make the first move. 


A/N: To be honest I wasn't sure about continuing the story, not because of the engagement or anything like that, but because I've been struggling a lot with my extreme anxiety. I had started treating it and I stopped the treatment (I ran out of medicine and it's so expensive) so I'm now back at stage 1 where I can't concentrate, work, or do anything a functioning person would do. However, this story was a safe space when I started the first part (and it saw my most traumatic years so far so that's probably why is so frustrating and why the ending was that bad) so I think I'll give it a shot, and use it as a way of building my willpower again. Let me know in the comments if you guys are interested in it. Thanks! 


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Chapter 9: I hope joohyun not fall to fake seungwan. I feel Wendy will met yerim for magic. Hope it sooner.
Thanks you for updating. Even you have busy with life
wenrene012 #2
Chapter 9: I do hope Joohyun's just confused with all the time she had with Seulgi, (Hell, I would be if she was saving and protecting me left and right) and the fact that the Seungwan she revived is not really her coz the real one is alive somewhere, that's why she feels different with her right now. Coz it doesn't make sense to me if it happened out of nowhere because Seulgi have Joy too, so i don't know 😭 can you really love someone else that fast? If it does, sounds like an attachment issue

But nevertheless, nice writing still author
areytrea #3
Chapter 7: damnnnn wow, what about joohyuns real surname huh....very confused and intrigued. so joohyun did have powers as it turns out. i rmb asking you before if she will and you disagreed immediately! joygi is quite sad and it's even more disappointing for me since im in love w them usually but now I'm sure seulgi at least has smth for joohyun then, that seems to be the case, but yes joohyun is stuck up on seungwan who's doing her own crazy btw. all in all I'm looking forward to next ch and the whole story
Chapter 7: Take your time everyone has personal life.
Hope they can heal Joohyun. And know what power she have
Chapter 6: Oh . It like all the time Joohyun still thinking about Seungwan.

Thanks you for update
wenrene and jiminjeong yes!
Chapter 5: I love your story. It interesting series .
Take your time write story.
Thank you for update.
areytrea #9
Chapter 4: Chapter 4: aww i did not expect the mention, but don't be daft do NOT put yourself down, you're a great writer and this is legit one of the most interesting fic series i have read okay? YOU'RE MY FAV and i am honoured to have that mention as always thanks for writing despite your anxiety and other things you might have gone through <3

also happy new year! i hope the next year will be even more amazing for all of us.

and now to answer your questions, i can see the chapter full name only when i open the page, otherwise i cant. and a big YES to illustrations. lastly, i do think this could be published, i vaguely remember you telling about how you might want to publish this series in the future and i am all for it however, it will get hard i am sure. now idk how the system works where you live but i had a friend who wanted to publish thier book as well and it was quite a hard task to do it traditionally but tbh go for it! why not, i do think it would be beneficial if you wanna go into the business, getting to know publishing companies and all that could really be helpful and a great learning experience so all for supporting you. (if we end up living at similar places or i come across your book then i will buy the book and support you as well!)

i wanted to talk about the story too but oh well i think i have written too much already, see you in the next chapter!