My confusing love life



My confusing love life.

“minho, where are you? Are you free? Can  you came to my school? Ask yoona to his childhood friend.

“umh, i’m in school right now. Do you need a pick up? Where’s nichkhun? Quest minHo.

“we have broken apart, and i just dont have a  friend to on the way go home” said yoona then laughing..

“what?!! why are you laughing ? Yeah! I’ll be there in 5 minutes. Wait for me then” said minho confused..


@minho class..

“minho, where are you? Quest Key.

“umh, i want to go to yoona’s school” said minho.

“what?! Are you kidding, what about nichkhun react then? Ask Onew.

“they’ve broken apart” said minho while smiling very nicely.

“ooh, do you fall in love with her again? Quest jonghyun.

“don’t you haven give up with your feeling to her, hyung?? quest Taemin.

“it would nice if i trying it again” said minho with a wide smile..

“oh, good luck then” said key then waving his hands to minho.

“okay” said minho.

“hey, hyung, you forget to bring your car key!” said Taemin.

“it’s ok Taemin-ah, i can go to yoona’s school with taxy” said minho.

“so, do you want to leave your car in here? Quest onew.

“you can go home with that” said minho then run to gate.

“don’t forget to treat me if you have be a couples then” shout jonghyun.

“yeah!” shout minho then upping his thumbs then running again.


@yoona’s school.

“yoona, where are you? Ask minho to his cellphone.

“i’m in garden in front of my class” said yoona to her cellphone.

“okay, wait for me, i’ll ask you something” said minho to his cellphone then smiling.


 “bye donghae oppa! said yoona then waving her hands to a handsome guy.

“who is he? Is this new yoona’s boyfriend? I think he’s yoona’s boyfriend, cause she don’t crying when she said she has broken apart, i feel so regret to came here” murmur minho..

“hey! Minnie! Come here!! I want to chat with u! Said yoona then waving her hands to minho.

“hah, i think i know what is in her mind now, i think she will tell about that guys, sorry Jongie, i can’t treat you a dish” said minho in sad tone then sit  beside yoona..

“minho, guess i have an ideal type of boyfriend now! Said yoona with a cheerfully tone.

“yeah, what is it? Quest minho with tone like a i-don’t-have-spirit-anymore.

“first, he must tall, smart, known me as well, a good hearing people, and i can chat with him everytime, and love a housemade dishes” said yoona cheerfully.

“oh, like that guy? Guess minho with pale expression.

“hahahaha, just guess who is him? And wae? Minnie, you look pale, i think you must get a rest, said yoona with a caring look.

“no, i’m just not fit this day, can i pick you up now? I want to go home” said minho then clutching her key car.

“okay, but i will drive that!”command yoona.

“umh, no. I will” said minho.

“minho, i said will drive that, not you” said yoona.

“o.. okay” answer minho then give back her key car..



“minho, sleep in back , let me drive, you just sleep, okay! Command yoona.

“okay” said minho..

“is the seat is broadless minnie? Quest yoona..

“yes” answer minho.

“okay, give me your bag, ask yoona ..

“this” said minho.

“okay, go back sleep” command yoona again.

“okay amma yoona” said minho with a little joking.


@in front of Minho’s house.

“minho-ah,, you have reacher your house” said yoona.

“okay, thx a lot ya” said minho then grabbing his bag then waving his hands to her.

“okay, take care of your health, i’ll come back here to check up your health” said yoona.

“no, no, you don’t need to do that! I can take care my health by myself” said minho..

“okay, as your wish minnie” said yoona.

“soory yoong” said minho.

“okay, bye! Said yoona then rushing her speed car.


“umh, my bag is heavy, but last time i think my bag is not heavy, or my health is not good now? Ask minho to his self.

“i want to study right now” said minho to command his self then opened his bag.

“omo, what is that?!! Ask minho then pulling a plastic bag.

“what is this? Ask minho then opening that plastic.

“a lunchbox? Wait, that’s a word, I-LOVE-YOU-MINNIE” said minho to his self.

“i know the cast must be yoong” said minho then smiling widely and grabbed his cellphone.


“yaboseyo” said yoona to her cellphone.

“hey yoong! What do you mean?

“what do you mean what? Quest yoona confused.

“you confessed your feeling” said minho with a blushing face.

“you think? Ask yoona again.

“i think i will say no”

“okay, that’s fine” said yoona then wiping her tears.

“but, i will quest you something” said minho.


“would you be my fiancee?”

“what? Are you kidding minho??

“i’m serious, and what’s your answer”

“yes, i do minnie” said yoona then smiling cheerfully.

“thx a lot, i love you yoong” said minho.

“i love you too minnie, minnie! Dont forget to take a some rest” said yoona.



So how is my first fic? I think it’s very boring. But i hope a comment from my senior senior in, i’m very like minyoong couple, cause they look very cute together. In ending i just wanna say, Keep looking forward and be a go greeen people..

Bye, see u next time in my other fics


hello, everyone..

i'm dian, the junior on this site, i have publish my story who tittled My confusing love life, read it then leave your comment please, i really love Minyoong couple, thanx a lot, sorry for wasting your time. bubbye!!smiley

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It would've been easier for people to view this fic is you add "minyoon" as a tag. This is the name that the pairing of Minho and Yoona is usually called. The MinYoon pairing has been increasing in popularity these days. I started getting into the pairing a while back. Yes, they do look cute together.<br />
<br />
What you typed under "descriptions" should've been in Chapter 1. Under "descriptions," you could've typed profiles for the characters instead. A brief summary should've been added under "forewords" to introduce the concept of the story to the readers without giving much away so that they can get an idea of what it'll be about. <br />
<br />
It's sweet how Yoona and Minho ended up together. Since it's just one whole chapter, it should go under the category of "one-shot." This should be marked as "completed" because it looks like you're not continuing the story and it has ended.<br />
<br />
In your writing, the grammar and the punctuation is where you need to improve. I suggest checking over your work or have someone else who's good in English look it over for you. It seems inadequate with just the dialogue. You could've expanded on it by adding necessary descriptions (the characters' reactions, the actions, facial expressions, etc.). Keep on improving.