My Bestfriend's Brother's Girlfriend. [MBSB's OnJung!]


"I, Lee Jinki, take Lee Jungmin as my beloved wife, for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health, and till death do us.. *Krrrrrrring!* Oh! Mwoya?!! Just a dream?!?!"

This is.. like, a story made out of my main fanfic, My Bandmate's Sister's Boyfriend. It's a oneshot, and it's about OnJung! So, OnJung fans of my fanfic, this is for you, especially Romella Abular, my beloved. Hehe.


"Cherry-ah, when is he coming?" I whined as we waited for Onew-ssi in the Lee residence.

"Ya, stop complaining! You're the one who didn't want to go to their dorm." She replied. Why would I want to go to their dorm?! I'd rather wait for him here. Or else, I'll be found out.

"But you said he's gonna be coming here! So let's just wait for him." I said as I leaned back on the couch. It's 7PM; their schedules are probably finished by now, right?

"Jungmin-ah.. Let me ask you.." Cherry suddenly said.


"What did you like about my brother?" She looked so serious. I gulped and opened my mouth. But then, the doorbell rang. I sprung up and ran to the door. "Lee Jungmin, chillax!" Cherry chuckled. What can I do? I'm so nervous!!!! She opened the door and... it's Taemin.

"Oh! Annyeonghaseyo!" He smiled brightly. I thought it was Onew-ssi...

"Taemin-ah, what are you doing here?" Cherry's eyes were wide open.

"Well, Onew hyung said he couldn't make it. So he sent me instead." He replied. My heart sank. I was expecting too much. I don't know.. but I felt like I won't see him again. I slumped on the couch and curled myself into a ball. I pouted. No, I didn't cry! Why would I..

"Really? Well... why so?" Cherry asked.

"He has an urgent schedule in a radio show tonight. Maybe by midnight, he can still come." Taemin explained. Midnight? I'm not gonna be here then..

"Oh.. Arasseo. Come, sit down." Cherry let Taemin in and he sat beside me.

"Jungmin-ssi, what's wrong?" Taemin asked me. I looked up and hiccuped. It's my first time seeing him really close. But I bet Cherry sees it a lot. Heh.

"She just didn't feel well." Cherry covered up for me. She winked.

"Oh, get well soon." He tapped my shoulder. He's so nice, nicer than Key oppa. Key oppa's always hitting me and teasing me. He's so cruel; Taemin's nice and I like him for my bestfriend. Hihi.

"Gomawo, Taemin-ssi." I half-smiled. I'm still thinking of Onew-ssi. I wonder if...

*Ding dong!*

"Cherry-ah?" I heard a male voice call outside.

"Oh, nuguseyo?" Cherry ran to the door and when she opened it, I couldn't take my eyes off of the person standing there: Lee Jinki. "Oppa!"

"Cherry-ah, mian. My schedule ended early, so I came as quick as possible. I told Taemin to tell you, so.." He spoke so fast. But I understood them very quickly. Then, his eyes turned to me. I swear I saw him stiffen. "A-annyeonghaseyo, Jungmin-ssi.."

"A-a-annyeonghaseyo, O-Onew-ssi.." I stuttered. I'm too shocked to even speak normally. Then he smiled, and turned to Taemin. "So.. why are you here?" He gave Taemin a suspicious look.

"I-I-I told th-them about.. y-you.. You know.." Taemin stuttered. Ohhhh, if I know. You wanna be with my best friend, right? Ke ke.

"Oh really" Onew-ssi smirked. "Arasseo~~" Then he turned to Cherry. "What did you want to do with me?"

The moment he asked that question, my heartbeat sped up. I had to breathe heavily. I'm here so I can see Onew-ssi.. So I can tell him something. I've been hiding this feeling since elementary years, ever since I met Cherry. I was immediately attracted to her brother, and I even wrote on the autograph notebooks, "I want to be my best friend's brother's girlfriend." And now, I'm gonna tell him. I've been really close to him since Cherry and I entered SM Town. I'm gonna tell him..

That I like him.

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yowmemeng #2
Awww The dream was so wierd... I mean both of them have the same dream...