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Bae Irene, one of the best hypnosis artisan in town suddenly heard that her admirer back in school namely Kang Seulgi has back in town or more like her best friend Wendy framed her to have dinner together. Kang Seulgi is a very loyal follower of Irene since they were still in elementary school. Irene was scared of her, because she thought Seulgi was gay and weird. Seulgi always keeps her distance so the latter won’t freak out. Irene never once considered Seulgi as her partner for life since she is a ‘she’ and her not so great appearance (back at school). That was until she tried to hypnotize Seulgi just to find that her love is pure and innocent. Since that time, everything is inverted. Seulgi wants to give up just when Irene realizes how Seulgi is the best person amongst all people who like her. It’s Irene’s turn to show that Seulgi somehow has chance to be with her.


Hypnotized with Seulrene version. Hope you'd enjoy it :)


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Chapter 5: The previous story was that Irene was hit by Seulgi's 'magic', now it's the other way around. I love both stories.
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Chapter 5: Great ending! I enjoyed this story. Thank you author! 🧡
haeyeol2828 #3
Chapter 5: Hiii author! Can I have your permission to translate this fic into Vietnamese? Cause I enjoy reading this fic a lot and wanna share it with Vietnamese fans. Im looking forward to hearing your answer, thanks a lot and have nice day!
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Chapter 1: I remember reading the original version of this was taeny 🥺
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Chapter 5: been a while reading seulrene story eh.. and i love these one 🥹🥹
Chapter 4: their moments together are so sweet, id be really addicted into it if i was irene too 😭 seulgi fell hard but irene fell harder even if she just realized it now and that's through her hypnosis. also yes, i agree with what seungwan had said, it's so much better if irene tried her everything to woo seulgi without hypnotizing her but then again, seulgi was so convinced now to stay away from her and that irene reciprocating her love might be because of guilt. thank goodness, yeri made a plan lol which i think this is what has been happening in this chapter. i very much admire seulgi's greatest love for irene btw she's indeed anyone could ask for... patient, understanding, considering, loving and everything else.
Chapter 3: yes i will read whatever seulrene story you'll release after this one 🥹 your stories are amazing, not too complicated to read and fresh.
Chapter 2: it's been a while since i read such a good seulrene fic 😭😭 upvoted it so fast i love it omg
Chapter 1: now let's see how it goes
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Chapter 5: I love the ending 🥰🥰🥰