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This os is maybe the last ff I write about Winrina.
I lost motivation on this ship as we progressed...it's life as they say.

If one day I re-write it won't be about them or other kpop idols anyway. (obviously when I was writing about them
don't mean I see them together in real life; I just take them as actors who are going to play a role in a film.
that's all.)

+I put here my ideas that I was going to write but in the end I will never publish (you can take them {with the cover
which goes with} where you inspire, I give them to you if you find it interesting): 

TITLE: I want (you) blood

Summary: Jimin is a vampire, she is always with someone for her blood. She doesn't like people who are too clingy, so she leaves them to find other prey.
She meets one day Minjeong who seems to be the one who is not the type to stick people and stay in her corner.
By dint of being with Minjeong, she feels attached without needing her blood...

the songs that I was going to inspire me: 

-NEFFEX 'Rumor 💋'
-Jackson Wang 'Cruel'
-Chung ha 'Flying on faith'
-WOODZ 'I Hate You'

TITLE: quondam





In a small apartment, a man awaits the arrival of his boyfriend.

He prepares to eat with a smile on his face, impatient to see the man he loves again after days without seeing him.

Yeonjun used to hear nothing from Soobin for months when he was stressed about his job.


He prepares the dishes that Soobin likes to surprise him when he arrives.


As he listens to the sound of the television in the background, he stops turning everything on after hearing this:


[BREAKING NEWS: The Choi and the Yu united at the wedding of their children Choi Soobin and Yu Jimin this morning.

The wedding took place in Jeju with the two respective families.

The Choi and the Yu are now the most influential people in South Korea.

Congratulations to the two newlyweds and the family.]



Yeonjun feels his tears falling when he sees the wedding photo of the newlyweds in the news on his television screen.

Her hands are shaking seeing his boyfriend all smiling with his new bride.


The sadness he feels is replaced by hatred towards the man he loves.

He put up with insults when Soobin got frustrated with something.

He put up with being the bastard who ever has to show himself to the respectable family of Soobin.

After all, why would a bastard like him have any place in this high society? Why smudge the flawless color that is Choi Soobin?





The dishes he had prepared are thrown in the trash like his heart.

He can't believe he finds out about Soobin's betrayal like this. The worst thing is that he discovers this union through news as a complete stranger. Like he is nothing.


With an empty head, he looks on his phone at all the photos of the newlyweds taken this morning while he is preparing dinner.

His hatred for Soobin grows when he sees the ideal couple in the photo where he poses with his wife with a smile on his face.

In this particular photo, he looks proud to show off his wife's beauty to the public; to show the world that the only person who deserves to be by his side and a woman like Yu Jimin—no, that's Choi Jimin now.


It's true that seeing this woman, he can't deny that she doesn't have her charm that makes men's heads spin. That must be why his ex married her; a woman like her who comes from a good family with the most distinguished education is a perfect wife for her husband.

Luckily, now he doesn't have to hide the person he's dating from his parents anymore, he doesn't have to waste his time seeing a moneyless bastard like him anymore. He made his choice.


Soobin's parents must be delighted to have this Jimin as a daughter-in-law.

At this time, they must be on their honeymoon somewhere celebrating their union.





The next morning, Yeonjun wakes up after a restless night.

He gets up from his sofa, massaging his neck to relax the tense muscle.

In the bathroom, he splashes water on his face before showering.


Leaving the bathroom, he sits on the floor, letting his damp hair dry itself.


He looks around seeing how small his apartment is. He makes sure to pay the rent with everything that goes with it so that he stays in this apartment despite his small budget.

Yeonjun did not grow up in a loving family.

When his parents found out he was gay, they kicked their son out of their house with no regrets; and then there'll be fewer mouths to feed—especially if they're not rich.


He managed to work here and there to survive on his own.

After getting his first apartment from his hard work, he meets the man of his life. He falls in love when he sees this attractive man in a very well arranged suit who was reading a book in the cafe where he had just had the job recently.

By dint of seeing each other, Soobin had been the first to take the step towards Yeonjun…


During the past two years of being together, Soobin had been the perfect boyfriend.

But over time, the ideal boyfriend changed into a different person.

Soobin insulted him by reminding him that he was nothing, that he was ashamed and anxious that his family would find out that he was dating a lowly man.


In recent months, he put up with Soobin's hurtful behavior. Soobin's mood swings were violent at times; but he remain patient for the sake of their love.


But what was it for?



CHAP 2 – DAY6 ‘Zombie’


For days, Yeonjun has been doing everything to survive without money.

Heartbroken, he couldn't stay focused on his job which got him fired by his boss.

With the little money he had left, he didn't have enough to pay the rent.


Now he finds himself on the street without a fixed roof and without emotional support by his side.


The hardest times for him were staying safe when he had rain pouring down on the city—or hunger that would make him sick to death.

If he tries to rest for a moment in front of a convenience store, he is savagely chased away by the owners or employed there. At the same time seen by his appearance, he no longer looks like the one he used to be.


With the lack of hygiene, his skin is covered with dirt mixed with sweat that sticks his clothes to the skin.

His hair has grown a good growth to his neck; his hair has become greasy and matted with lack of care.


When he walks in the streets, passers-by stare at him with fear, disgust and pity. They move out of the way to let him pass because he is in such a sorry state.


He looks like a zombie, like a person who no longer has a soul inside him.





After hours of walking, he lands on the ground to rest his tired legs.


He feels lost.

Every time he asks for help, he gets kicked out of every door.

Tired of trying, he lost the faith he had left.



Yeonjun stares at the palm of his right hand, reminding himself once again that he is pathetic.


'I haven't had anything since the start.' He thought, tormenting himself again and again.


While he is not thinking of anything, he feels a pain in his head which makes him go forward.

He hears sneers from men behind him who make his head spin.


"Look at that ! Haha!" He hears from afar muffled noises which mix with his blood which spoils his sight.

He tries to get up but he gets hit on the back which takes his breath away for a moment.

Feeling the nasty metal hit in his mouth, he closes his eyes letting these people hit him to their end.



After long hours of being kicked for no reason, Yeonjun rested on a wall gritting his teeth from his injuries.

He sneers at his misfortune as he gently gets up with the help of the wall—but he falls back to the ground, too weak to get up.

Yeonjun stares at the sky with empty eyes.

He begins to lose consciousness with fatigue without being able to hear the footsteps of two people running towards him.





Yeonjun tries to figure out how he ended up in a hospital room.

He does not even dare to try to speak with the doctor who consults him without saying anything.


Upon regaining consciousness a moment earlier, he noticed a cable attached to his left hand that connects to two white and red IV bags.


As he watches the doctor do his job, the door opens revealing two unfamiliar people.

The girl looks relieved to see that he is fine, while the young man beside her is happy to see him awake.


Yeonjun notices a small resemblance to the two people standing side by side.


'They look like brother and sister...'


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Chapter 2: I enjoyed reading it!
Chapter 1: while it's a little bit sad that you won't continue in writing winrina fics after this, i still hope that you'll get back in writing soon though.