My dear

My dear
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Is it the light? No, just you who makes this evening like a spark.


Seeing your sparkling beauty in the evening makes me fall into a dream.


The splendor I see before me takes my breath away.

You are lovely in front of all these people who are also falling under your spell like the first time I met you.


Your corset goes beautifully with your dress that you are wearing for this evening.


I see out of the corner of my eye that many men try to seduce you with their quality; but you're going to seem pretty busy staring at me without anyone noticing.


Since the beginning of this evening, we turn around delicately without getting too close.


As the hours pass, a man approaches you to offer you a dance.

But without saying it, I see you approaching me to pull me to dance with you on this track.


Several whispers are heard as soon as you hug my neck so that I get closer to you.

Automatically, I place my hands on your hip while looking you straight in the eyes.


Our bodies mold perfectly when we dance in front of all those envious looks of these men who look at you with a new admiration more on you.

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Chapter 2: I enjoyed reading it!
Chapter 1: while it's a little bit sad that you won't continue in writing winrina fics after this, i still hope that you'll get back in writing soon though.