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When Lu Han’s love potion lands in the hands of his archenemy, Oh Sehun, their bitter rivalry takes an uproarious turn. With Sehun now head over heels for Lu Han, the once enemy becomes an incessant pursuer.


Lu Han, a hopeless romantic, believes he’s stumbled upon the solution to his long-term wish for love – a mystical love potion. Convinced that destiny will be on his side, Lu Han sets out to discreetly use the potion on the love of his life, Kim Jongin.


However, in a twist of fate, the love potion goes astray, landing squarely in the hands of none other than Oh Sehun, his longtime archenemy. What was meant to be a heartfelt connection with his crush quickly turns into a hilarious nightmare, as Sehun, now under the influence of the misdirected potion, becomes infatuated with Lu Han.


Caught in a web of comical chaos, Lu Han finds himself relentlessly pursued by his once-adversary-turned-love-stricken Suitor. From unexpected serenades in the office hallways to clumsy attempts at romantic gestures, Sehun’s relentless pursuit tests Lu Han’s patience and sanity.


As the office buzzes with gossip and laughter, Lu Han must navigate the absurdity of the situation while grappling with his own feelings. Will this unforeseen turn of events lead to an unexpected alliance or intensify their rivalry? And amidst the chaos, could there be a glimmer of genuine affection blooming beneath the surface?



Sehun flashed an accusing stare at Lu Han. “You are not cheating on me, aren’t you?” There’s undeniable jealousy settling on his eyes.


Lu Han, taken aback by the audacity of Sehun’s assumption, scoffed and crossed his arms, raising a quizzical eyebrow. “Cheating on you? Are you serious, Sehun? You do realize we’re not even in a relationship, right?”


Sehun, never one to miss an opportunity to display his smugness, leaned nonchalantly against the wall, a self-assured smirk gracing his lips. “Well, maybe you’re just in denial, baby,” he replied, his voice oozing with confidence. “Can’t blame you though, it’s hard to resist this level of charm and perfection.” With a self-congratulatory gesture, he pointed to himself, his cocky grin widening.


“Charm and perfection? Is that what you call it?” he retorted, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “More like charm and delusion, if you ask me. I’m just trying to live my life without your constant pursuit, but apparently, that’s too much to ask.”


Sehun chuckled, feigning innocence as if Lu Han’s words had fallen on deaf ears. “Oh, come on, love,” he persisted, undeterred. “You can’t deny that you secretly enjoy the attention. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’s like having a personal fan club dedicated to you!”


Lu Han’s irritation grew, his patience wearing thin as Sehun persisted with his unwanted advances. “Stop calling me those stupid endearments!” he snapped, his frustration bubbling to the surface. “And I’d rather have a fan club of kittens than deal with your inflated ego and never-ending advances. Seriously, have you ever heard of personal boundaries?”


Sehun shrugged nonchalantly as though he didn’t hear Lu Han's repulsion. “Boundaries? Where we’re going, sweetheart, we don’t need boundaries. It’s all about breaking down barriers and embracing the wild, unpredictable side of love.”


With an exasperated sigh, Lu Han replied, “Wild and unpredictable? More like wild and utterly ridiculous. I swear, Sehun, you should consider a career in comedy because you’re a natural at making me laugh with your outrageous antics.”


Sehun flashed a smug grin. “See? Laughter is the first step towards falling in love, sweetcakes. So, prepare yourself for the inevitable.”


Lu Han groaned, he felt his patience thinning out. “Stop calling me ridiculous endearments! The only thing I’m preparing for is a restraining order, Sehun. Consider this fair warning.”


“Oh yes, thanks for the warning, darling.” Before Lu Han could react again, Sehun surprised him with a quick peck on the cheek, leaving Lu Han's face flushed with anger and irritation.


“Oh Sehun!” Lu Han shouted, his voice a mix of frustration and defiance. The rosy hue on his cheeks, he tried to convince himself, was purely a result of his irritation and anger toward Sehun—nothing more, nothing less.





A/N: This will be oneshot only and I will possibly upload the continuation tomorrow or Sunday. 😌😌

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