In the Summer Where I Grow Fonder

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Jimin’s been pining over Minjeong but the latter could only see her as an unnie, as her sister’s bestfriend—or does she?


It was in the middle of summer break where Jimin busied herself finding hobbies as she awaits the return of her childhood best friend, Aeri. It’s been 2 weeks since the latter left to Japan. It was also in the middle of summer where Aeri returned without notice and Jimin couldn’t be happier.

It was a sunny afternoon and Jimin was just outside their yard, building a bigger dog house for their full-grown retriever when suddenly a car pulled over the Uchinaga’s residence just across their own home.

There was no doubt it was her best friend returning. With a big grin, Jimin throw aside the hammer she was holding and ran towards the Uchinaga’s.

“Yah! Uchinaga Aeri!” Jimin greeted with a headlock.

“Ew! You’re sweaty Jimin! Get off.” Aeri pushed herself out from Jimin’s grip.

“Great to see you too Aeri.” Jimin laughed.

“Yeah, yeah, it’s just been 2 weeks you clown.” Aeri smiled and yes, she still didn’t let Jimin hugged her. 

“What are you up to and why drench in sweat? Like dude, it does not make a great welcome hug.” Aeri questioned as she pulled out her bags from the trunk.

“Looks like someone’s been working out.”

Jimin turned to the familiar voice and was stunned. No, she was dumbstruck. 

There was Minjeong who just came out from the car and closing the door so gracefully. 

She is Aeri’s step-sister and been only visiting every summer since she’s studying in Japan where her mom is working. Explains how Aeri’s sometimes alone because her dad also needs to fly back and forth to Japan for their business.

“Hi, Jimin.” Minjeong’s voice pulled Jimin out of her trance once again and she gathers all the effort she could to utter a simple ‘hi.’

She hears Minjeong giggled and she wonders why her ears are burning.

Minjeong has grown gracefully and a lot prettier than the last she remembers. Her hair grown a little below her shoulders and they’re now ginger. Jimin thinks it suits her perfectly.

“How could someone change so much over the summer?” Jimin mindlessly speaks.

“I could say the same thing for you.” Minjeong smiled and Jimin swears, she saw Minjeong eyes trailed over her neck to her biceps that are glistening in sweat.

She’s wearing a grey muscle tee and ripped jeans. Once again, Jimin couldn’t comprehend why all of a sudden her neck and ears feels so hot.

Minjeong tilted her head and thinks it’s cute.

“Yah! Quit with the chit-chat and help us.” Aeri bumped to Jimin and handed her a big box. 

Jimin didn’t even realized that they’ve been standing outside for some time now.

“What’s with the boxes? Did you bring something for me?” She grinned as she walks towards the Uchinaga’s house while carrying a big box.

“I did but not that one. They’re Minjeong’s stuff. She’s going to stay here for good.”

Jimin wasn’t so sure but her heart skipped a beat. She was thrilled for what could be.



henlo! I know I know, I've been away for like years but I returned with my first jiminjeong fanfic and I hope to deliver some fluff.

P/S to my beloved readers, I might update MTAI soonest. 


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seated. Jimin in love is so cute
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looking forward to this!
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it’s already cute !! ☺️