Dance For You

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Minjeong, a stripper, didn't choose this life. But for her daughter, she'll do anything to get her back. Jimin, she has everything but all she wanted was love. Both Minjeong and Jimin want things, so what happens when they both meet?


Kim Minjeong is a twenty-year-old stripper. She works at her local lesbian strip club, she actually loathes her job. As an introvert, she hates exposing herself to people she doesn't even know and it makes her uncomfortable. The only reason for her to endure this kind of life is because of the only important person in her life.

Her daughter.

She was eighteen when she had unprotected with her now ex-boyfriend, bearing the consequence of a child. The father of the child quickly left them, leaving her with the responsibility of raising her daughter alone. 

Minjeong struggled to find a job since she dropped out of high school to raise her daughter. This caused the child protection services to take the child, labeling Minjeong unfit to be a mother who can’t provide for the needs of her child.

The only option she had was to become a stripper, “Winter,” a very well-known stripper in the community. Infamous for being cold and y at the same time. Her hard-to-get aura made her more marketable to her audience.

If she were given a chance, she wouldn’t do any of this but Minjeong will do anything to get her daughter back even if she needs to expose and sell her body to strangers. The pay is good too as her clientele are all wealthy but it’s not enough to get her daughter back. Factors such as food, utilities, and rent hinder her to prove her worth to the services.

It’s hard and it’s exhausting to live this life but Minjeong will do anything to get her daughter back into her arms.

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Yu Jimin is a twenty-two-year-old CEO who lives alone in her penthouse in Seoul. 

She has everything on the tip of her fingers. Money? She got a lot of that. Cars? She has a parking lot full of branded cars. Companies? She’s part of a conglomerate.

Even if Jimin has everything, she doesn’t feel like she has it all.

Love, that’s all she ever wants.

Growing up, Jimin only got affection from her maids and butlers. Her parents were absent almost her life and never bat an eye on her unless it was about business. She grew up longing for that feeling.

She longed to love and to be loved, to hold and to be held, to kiss and to be kissed. 

Jimin has been in relationships with men but never once felt that deep affection or passionate love for all of them. Often, she noticed how men used her as a trophy and arm candy to show off. She got tired of it and wanted to try something new.

She tried girls.

However, girls only wanted Jimin for her money. In exchange for the affection of the girls was her money and it didn’t sit well with Jimin. She wanted more and deeper than that.

Jimin, she has everything but all she wanted was love.


Two miserable souls with desire, what will happen if both of them intertwine?

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