I’m not a hero.

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You're not a hero, you will never be.

you might save lives and have powers and bust crimes and serve justice, but you're not.


 And you never want to be. 
Spider-Man Kim Minjeong :> but with new villains :]


Technically short I think, but I've been playing Spider-Man so I thought... to give a superhero au a try. (Kinda abit future author here. It's not short.)

But she's not a hero!!

powers and crimes might have reference to the game but completely original villains and hero(not) info

in which Kim Minjeong might save the world, but a hero? She despises that word, and any relations she has to it.


oh and... Kim Minjoo makes a hot villain.


Not movie, Comic, Game. Accurate

Plot is hopefully fully original but will have references to the ps4 Spider-Man remaster and miles morales games 

no previous knowledge about Spider-Man needed 

ALSO I'm not a New Yorker OR a American so there'll be inaccuracies, do point them out so I can improve. Thank you!


motivated by comments to write~

Eunseo lee Chae oh no it just sounded right but those are actual girls aren’t they👍 adding izone and co in here really helps 😄 I’ve unfortunately not really implemented the way aespa speaks into this so everyone sounds like me, hopefully with ivonfim it’ll make the speech more human hahaha


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943 streak #3
Chapter 11: Love the way the story is progressing and also the relationships. Looking forward to some action and romance maybe ?
Chapter 10: Thanks for the update ❤️
awesomeness-_- #6
Chapter 9: I really like this! I love spiderman AUs, too bad there's only a few of it. I vote for fluff by the way. Angst is alright but I feel like some fluff would be calming to read right now cause life kinda hahaha. I hope you keep on updating!
kmjakgae #7
Chapter 6: this is so good omg, i love it 😭
Chapter 5: Really good chapter ! But who was that woman ?
Chapter 6: WinNing partners in action!
Chapter 4: (Im)patiently waiting for the next update. I really like this Spider-Man take