Tiffany + Jessica = Perfect

I H A T E Y O U ! ! !

          They were practising dancing. Jessica and Tiffany dancing at the back following their other member. Tiffany is teaching Jessica how to dance because she is quite not good. 'Wow, you're so good. see, i'm making an agreement with you. you teach me how to dance and i'll teach you how to sing? okay?' 

'urmmm, Taeyeon Eonnie can teach me how to sing too'

'Hmmm, you're quite hard. okay, you teach me how to dance and i'll teach you how to sing including 4 octave? Taeyeon Eonnie can't teach you that. hahahaha'

'Hmmm, but i'm suppose to learn dance not sing'

'Learn to dance? are you joking me? hahahahaha, you're leaning dance while you're very good dancer compare to the other!'

'can you give me some time? i need to think first?'

'Sure, i'll give you 24 hours'

          Tiffany left Jessica alone. 'Argh, it is so hard to make deal with her! next time, i'll just ask Hyoyeon and Sooyoung to teach me dance!' 

'Hey, what make you angry?' 

'ah, Taeyeon Eonnie. nothing i'm thinking who can teach me dance since the test is around the corner'

'Hmm, let me ask Tiffany to teach you. as far as i see, she is quite good in dancing'

'Okay then, my problem is solve. can i leave now?'

'Hey, we just start our conversation and you just want to leave like that?'

'I'm hungry. come on, lets go to the cafeteria.

          At the cafeteria, 

'Isn't that Tiffany eating alone. lets go and eat with her' ask Taeyeon.

'Yeah, sure' they walk toward Tiffany.

'Hi, can we eat with you? all the other desk is full' ask Jessica. Tiffany looks around and say 'there is plenty space over there and there and there.'

'Why? you don't want us to eat with you? just said it if you don't want to!'

'Jessie, calm down. people are watching us' say Taeyeon as she is calming down Jessica.

'Why? are you asking me to have a fight with you?' Tiffany scream at Jessica while standing up.

'You two, calm down please. everyone is watching us' say Taeyeon.

'Do I Care?' Say Jessica and Tiffany at the same time.

'She is asking for my punch!' say Tiffany.

'You two, what are you doing?' say some guy that seat near their table.

'No, we just have some problem over here.' replies Taeyeon.

'may i help?' say the guy.

'Eunhyuk Oppa, we are good over here. we can solve it by oursel. can you guys stop, come on follow me, i don't want any of you to be caught by the staff' say Taeyeon.

          Taeyeon brought them to the vocal training room. 'Tiffany, Jessica just want to ask you to teach her dancing' Say Taeyeon. 

'Yah! Jessica Eonnie, i said to you give me time to think. you said you give me 24 hours!'

'What do you called me?' Said Jessica as she heard Tiffany words and blowing up her anger.

'so what? now i'm changing my mind. i'll never teach you how to dances!' Tiffany leaves the room but she missed some paper on the floor.

'What is this?' say Jessica. 'Oh My God, Miyoung-ah, i'm sorry' she said as she looks at the paper. (Tiffany draws she and Jessica performing together on the stage along with Taeyeon and there is a little words saying that 'I Wish I Could Be A Good Singer Just Like Them' )


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