You and Me and Love

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greenjade21 #1
Chapter 29: Wonderful short stories! It made me smile! Thank you authorssi!
Chapter 29: ahhh thabk you for another amazing story! congrats on finishing this collection and have a great break! I hope to read ur stories again in the future for sure!
Chapter 29: This is a ball of fluff 🥰 thank you for this collection, author-nim ❤️ enjoy your break and i hope to see you back with many awesome stories in the future 🫶🏻
Chapter 29: Aww! I’m going to miss reading your stories after work :c but I know taking a break is important so it’s ok 😊 I’ll be patiently waiting for your comeback with another story (or stories) thanks for your hard work! 🫶🏻
_moongalaxy #5
Chapter 29: auwwww🙈😭😂💜
you end this one shot series with a roting sweet chapter😭💜
thank you for writing those stories author-nim🥰
_moomoo_nim #6
Chapter 29: this chapter didn't seem like a oneshot ! this chapter is so cute 🥲 . thank you for your wonderful stories author nim 🥰 hope you rest well . we'll be looking forward to your future works.😊take care!!!
Chapter 28: Why does it feel that this is an accurate portrayal of their "friendship," if ever they were actual childhood friends? Hahahaha

I’ll be sad that it’ll come to an end soon but thank you so much for your oneshot series, authornim ❤️… there is still that one last chapter hehehe thank you
_moomoo_nim #8
Chapter 28: ahhhh that's it !!!! omg we need more🥲🥲but also thank you so much for this story knew you'd do Amazing 🔥. thanks for all these lovely stories ❤️
_moongalaxy #9
Chapter 28: auwwwww it can't end like that😭
can't you make another chapter for this one?!
like the title for this chapter are question and the other one would be the answer, like, yes enemies can turn to lovers
since they make love already😂
auwwwww, i enjoy this one shot collection tho🥺
Chapter 28: awww this one was so sweet watching them fight but its obvious they like each other too haha.