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It's all about the money.



Main Characters will be 





The two short guys had worn a full black clothing covering half of their faces with masks. They have been in their black van waiting to spot their target. The eyeliner guy lost his patience.


"Where the is he!? We've been waiting for more than an hour and I'm hungry" he put his hand through his hair in frustration.


The other just ignored still anticipating for their prey. Until he noticed a figure passing across the vehicle.


"Yah! I think that's him!" Chen shouted.


"Can you stop shouting! God my ears!" Baekhyun snarled then he looked at who the elder was pointing to.


"Are you sure it's him? He looks kinda short"  Baekhyun uttered.


"Yep, he is the one" He chirped "I read the description and it said short"


The elder looked too excited to get the target right but Baekhyun just sighed.


"Alright let's do it"






"I knew I can count on you'll" The leader said too thrilled making Baekhyun little bit nervous.


"Okay! Get him out what are we waiting for" The taller chortled.


Chen revealed the prey to their boss taking off the piece of black cloth that covered the whole face.


"Are you ing kidding me!?"





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