Chapter 1

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"I'll go first" Baekhyun insisted. "Okay, So once my aunt told me that she used to go to her hometown in the weekends to meet her mom. It was recent when she was planning on meeting. But then after she arrived to her mom's house she was not there. She went to the neighbors to ask where her mom was and then they replied that she had gone to visit one of her friends who lived further inside the forest side"


Baekhyun stopped for a moment to look at the members reaction and continued.


"So she did go to see her mom. The door was opened so she barged in and called out Mom! there wasn't any answer. Then she tried calling her again proceeding to check on all the rooms and hallways. But she froze when she heard sounds of water droplets from the nearby washrooms an-"


Drip Drip Drip


Everyone gasped.


It was from the washroom, The room where the teens were.


Baekhyun let out a nervous laugh.


"That's probably nothing guys. So back to the story. Where was I?" Baekhyun gulped, waiting for others to reply.


"S-Something a-about water droplets" Kyungsoo stuttered, rubbing his sweaty palms. Baekhyun nodded and continued.


"Okay so she heard sounds of water droplets from the nearby washrooms" Baekhyun stopped to see whether the sounds are repeated. He heaves a sigh and smiles and continues. "She walked towards the washroom where she heard the noise and-"


"BOO!" Chanyeol interrupted with his deep voice. Tao ended up screaming and making others flinch too by Chanyeol's sudden interruption. And the rest was Chanyeol clutching his tummy, laughing like a mad man.


"Cut it off Chanyeol!" Tao screamed, in the verge of tears. Chanyeol ignored him still laughing. Baekhyun smacked his head to stop him and scolding him for scaring others.


Kyungsoo sighed and scooted close to Tao rubbing soothe circles onto his back. "It's okay baby~" Kyungsoo cooed. He smiled when Tao returned the hug.


In the corner, there was Jongin glaring daggers at the two males interaction. He sighed and turned to be faced with a smirking Sehun. He rolled his eyes and smacked the male's arms.


"You better do something about it or someone would steal your princess like that panda" Sehun snickered, smirking at the obvious tanned male. And how Jongin wants to pun

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