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It was all Park ing  Chanyeol's fault.


"I'm not having a good feeling about this" Tao whispered.


It was the almighty Park Chanyeol's idea to stay the night on a random abandon house. The teens refused the idea at first but not after they were promised to get free tickets for the BTS concerts.


Yes, Park ing Chanyeol is well-heeled.


Chanyeol found the mansion on an unknown website. And it was funny that it was a free pay visit and no one actually knows who owned the mansion.


The pictures of the house made Chanyeol more curious to visit.


The description below the pictures had the story of Mother and a child. It was about an abusive father who killed his own wife and son to sacrifice for the full moon. The typical haunting story.


"You can't back out now panda" Chanyeol replied.


Jongin took the first brave step to open the entryway. The door opened with a creak.


Kyungsoo gulped.


"A-Anyone there?" Jongin blurted.




"Ouch what the was that for?" Jongin groaned rubbing his head.


"Obviously no one would be there " The shorter retorted.


"I was talking to the ghosts" he mumbled. The shorter rolled his eyes in response.






The house was too quite for their liking. The rooms were dusty, decorated with cobwebs. It was too dark only a small amount light was pouring through the windows. Just how haunted houses should be.


"Guys, I think I'm feeling nauseous" Tao whined.


They couldn't help but agree the similar feeling. Some rooms smelled fine but the rooms upstairs smelled like dead bodies.


"I think this room will be fine" The taller assumed.


Everyone agreed with Chanyeol. The room what the taller pointed out was decent than the rest. The teens placed their tush on the cold ground. They prepared to stay in circle. Suho placed the lamp in the center.


"How about a scary story?" Chanyeol voiced out.


"How about no?" Tao shivered in cold and fear.


"Stop ruining the mood panda" Chanyeol glared. Kyungsoo just gave a pity look towards Tao. Kyungsoo knew that it will difficult for Tao to survive the night. He was too terrified.


"I'll go first" Baekhyun insisted. "Okay, So once my aunt told me that she used to go to her hometown in the weekends to meet her mom. It was recent when she was planning on meeting. But then after she arrived to her mom's house she was not there. She went to the neighbors to ask where her mom was and then they replied that she had gone to visit one of her friends who lived further inside the forest side"


Baekhyun stopped for a moment to look at the members reaction and continued.


"So she did go to see her mom. The door was opened so she barged in and called out Mom! there wasn't any answer. Then she tried calling her again proceeding to check on all the rooms and hallways. But she froze when she heard sounds of water droplets from the nearby washrooms an-"


Drip Drip Drip


Everyone gasped.


It was from the washroom, The room where the teens were.






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