Run, Donghae!

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Todo mundo estava cansado dessas reuniões!
Todo mundo estava cansado de todos os anos competindo por atenção!
Todos estavam cansados ​​de como era cansativo!
No entanto, todos eles estavam fazendo isso por uma pessoa!
No entanto, essa pessoa foi vista com sangue escorrendo pelo rosto enquanto caía com força no chão!
E todos fariam questão de descobrir quem teria causado uma ação tão cruel! 


É algo super diferente do que escrevo, espero que gostem!


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1287 streak #1
Oh completed already? Gonna read this na ^^
bunga1234 #2
Chapter 20: The plot twist at the and..i really like it.. Imagine if donghae find the book written by jung se during the interrogation,he must know all his friend's feeling towards him
That was quite a twist at the end! I really enjoyed reading this story.
ldh2013 #4
Chapter 20: That was a twist. Glad the guys put aside their issues (and there were a lot of issues!) and figured it out.
Sylphide890807 #5
Chapter 20: Oh je ne m'attendais pas à ça. Tu as mené cette histoire d'une main de maître. Génial. Va -t'il y avoir des chapitres bonus ?
Merci pour cette grande énigme.
A bientôt
ldh2013 #6
Chapter 18: yeesh. Everyone blaming Donghae for their relationship issues when he actually doesn't do anything. Ryeowook was being controlling and psychotic, trying to cut Yesung off from his friends and then attempting to manipulate him by threatening breaking up and then being mad because he thinks Yesung didn't do enough to prevent it? Plays stupid games, win stupid prizes. Frankly, that's an abusive and manipulative relationship. Yesung is better off without it. Donghae is surrounded by messed up people. His own relationship with Hyukjae being no better. None of these people should be in relationships.
Sylphide890807 #7
Chapter 17: Alors là, ça devient plus délirant.
Je pencherais plus pour DongHae, ayant monté toute cette histoire pour réconcilier tous ses amis. Car au final, n'est-ce pas à cause de lui que tout le monde se dispute et se sont séparés. Pauvre Hae. Je pense que l'inspecteur est aussi dans le coup.
En tout cas, c'est une très bonne intrigue.
ldh2013 #8
Chapter 15: Okay. LT blaming DH for KI cheating is a big stretch. KI is not taking any responsibility for his actions at all. I suspect KI at this point because KI seems delusional for shifting blame like that. Basically, he's blaming DH just for existing.
Idaharith #9
Chapter 10: Wow seriously sungmin , this become more and more complicated and interesting