Baby Maybe

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Tiffany just can't help but wonder why Jessica insists on coddling her despite the constant protests.


Tiffany nodded her head and released a contented sigh. She wrapped her legs around Jessica's waist, holding her tight as the blonde held her securely in place. "I'll never understand why you insist on coddling me."


Humming, Jessica supported her weight against the ledge, moving her hands downwards until they came to rest on Tiffany's , cradling her against her body. "Maybe it's because you've never been taken care of enough," she reasoned.


The raven shifted so she could peer at Jessica through her lashes. "How exactly have I not been taken care of enough?"


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Lati_1 #1
Chapter 2: Shy lovely grumpy Tiff my favorite concept, and Jess is so loving with her. 🥺

Btw, thanks for your updates dear author. 😊❤️