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The bartender winked at him and turned to the back of the bar to get to work. Donghae knew that was just the playful flirtatiousness that went along with working at a place like this, but he could feel the heat rise to his face. It didn't help that the bartender was extraordinarily handsome. He was probably the main reason anyone came here.


Donghae has never been a drinker, never liked the taste of alcohol, and has missed out on social and work functions many times because of drinking culture. He wasn't expecting to meet Hyukjae, a bartender who makes him a drink he actually likes. So much so that afterwards he starts going to his bar several times a week because he's fallen in love with his mojito. And maybe Hyukjae too.


For 415. 

Happy Eunhae Day everyone! ♡

This idea has been in my notes since last year. Hope you enjoy the flirty tension and silly fluff!
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