Yes, Miss President?

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Winter Louis Kim Safanzar has just transferred to the I.S.M University, and her two friends named Ningning and Giselle are also studying there. She's expecting to have great happenings, and hopes to make new memories with her two friends. Unfortunately, Winter didn't know that her enrolment form wasn't accepted.

Karina Ivion Yoo Isacar is The SSG President of I.S.M. University. She knows that the enrolment form of a new student, Winter Louis Kim Safanzar, has not been accepted by the school's principal. So she took care of it, but she also thought of a way to get something in return.


I published this story sa wattpad first, then I’ve decided na ilipat ko here kasi wala lang. HAHAHAHAHAHAH 

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you enjoyed it. ♡
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