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"I have no idea how to deal with the fact that you had a crush on my mother."

(A film student and a concession worker team up to save an arthouse cinema from bankruptcy. One is determined, while the other has layers of secrets that make her reluctant to do so.)


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vmr210 0 points #1
Chapter 20: really beautiful story, i dont know if this is the last chapter or not but either way it was beautifully written and i loved how they both grew so much during the story, again just really beautiful
1419 streak 0 points #2
Chapter 20: I love them and how weird they are. 🫶🏻
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Chapter 20: so cute😖 i think i like your stories more than i like my own family
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Chapter 20: Smiling throughout the whole chapter. Got worried a little bit at the last part as i thought this would be the last chapter. Hopefully not! Heh. Because i'm obsessed with the writing and the characters. Oh and i think it's impressive how the title fits every scene in this chapter. From seulgi's bedroom, to the hole scene, up to the part where irene was trying to stop her mom from telling her childhood stories. Really nice! The little teaser at the end is very touching too. They're going to get married and seulgi's mom going to see it happen. ㅠㅠ i want to hug their moms. They might not be perfect but they are the best moms for them.

I love love your writing author. Please continue writing. Love all your works! Your stories are those that i can't stop rereading when i'm waiting for an update. But also me when there's an update: "oh let me reread the last chapter before i read the new one" *rereads the whole thing*

Thank you for the update author. Hope all your days are "fun and worthwhile" ;)
38 streak 0 points #5
Chapter 20: Omg the ending 😭 love to see mother in laws getting along with each other and being this supportive
KaiserKawaii 0 points #6
Chapter 20: Oh! Good vibes!
Oct_13_wen_03 130 streak 0 points #7
Chapter 20: Awwwwwwww so sweet 😭🤍🤍🤍 thank u very much author nim for manage to update, hope u doing great and take care stay safe, can't wait for more 🤍🤍🤍
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Chapter 20: Yey, you updated! This is one of the stories that I really look forward to read!

I love this chapter. Thank you so much for putting little tidbits of their future together ❤️
I can't wait to read the next one!
0 points #9
Chapter 20: oh my god this is so beautiful from start to finish 🥹 thanks for updating and writing authornim! i always look forward to your updates and u never disappoint. i especially love the last part when their mothers met and the last paragraph as well! thanks again authornim, can't wait for the next one :)
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please comeback💔💔