Searching For Shadows

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Dahyun has a lot to worry about her fifth year at Hogwarts. There's the brutal O.W.L. exams in June, winning the Quidditch Cup, and staying out of the trouble that always seems to follow her and her friends around. But there's something sinister that lurks in the very walls of Hogwarts this year and its target might just be Dahyun. It should come as a comfort, however, that there is only one truth in this school: At Hogwarts, there is no such thing as secrets.



This is purley a work of fiction. All references to settings, places, characters, magic, mechanics, etc. belong to Warner Bros. and J.K. Rowling respectively. This work does not wish to copyright or infringe on its ownership. All idol characters in this story are fictitious and are not reflective of the idol groups or their members and does not wish to paint them in a bad light or defame them in any way.

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