The Lightning Thief: Annabeth's POV

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We heard his perspective but now we get to hear it from her perspective!!! Beware FLUFF!!!


ANNABETH! I heard Luke shout go to that tree.

I'm not leaving you I yell back there is nothing else to do. Thalia puts me on her back and we run as fast as we can. It isn't easy though are weapons are dragging us down and we are all exhausted from being on the run. Our goat friend Grover wasn't any help he kept groaning stuff about food. I would say I hated being treated like a baby but hey I was seven years old not some teenager. I needed attention.

I hear the monsters growl ferociously behind us and thalia tells me to close my eyes. She sets me in a tree that was only a few yards away. I Hold my breath. Soon Grover was sitting beside me. My anger boiled up. After all, we had been through they were treating me like I was some uncounsish goat human! I would protect my friends. I knew I could.

 They had done so much for me. Taken me in when I ran away when no one else wanted me. They protected me now it was my turn. I jump down from the tree and tackle one of the monsters like a little piranha. I pull my knife out and dig it into the monster's hide. It bursts into golden dust and I can tell that this was a different monster than any of the others I have faced.

 A monster sent straight from Tartarus, straight from the Underworld. It was a fully grown Hellhound. I recognized this Monster from when I was alone it had almost taken my life. I have never fought on this big. I killed it though it is incredible what a little determination can do. Just then I realize something. Neuter Thalia or Luke was with me They were down the road about a mile or so. 

Luke was Hunched over thalia. I hate to admit it but I was eavesdropping. I meant It isn't going to be added to your criminal record but still, it is upsetting and I still feel guilty to this day. He was sobbing and I heard his cracking voice that was rarely raised at me. 

“I am sorry Thailia.”

“Why are you sorry.” She asked, “It was my decision.” Luke seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

“It should have been me.”

“Don't say that.”

Luke looked devastated my eyes filled with tears I ran up to Luke and thalia and hugged them as if they were my tie to the world. Luke put a hand on my shoulder and hugged me back. 

“Promise we’ll always be together I demanded. Thalia gave luke a nod as if she were telling him a secret “PROMISE” I Yelled 

“I Promise,'' Luke mumbled.

D her wounds just then Thalia let out a groan of pain. We both let out a gasp as we examine her wounds. She had a giant scar that ran across the left side of her body.

“Thalia,” I said. 

“You will be okay sweetheart.” She told me just then there was a glimmer of light. Grover finally woke up but he looked shocked sad and disappointed at the same time.

That is when Zeus appeared. His face held a giant scowl that seemed to deepen by the second. He gave each of us a look of uncertainty and sorrow that is when he turned to Grover. Grover steps forth. Grover did so. 

“I am sorry sir…” he said with a bow

“Stand up Grover” We all winced 

“It wasn't his fault,” luke said with a frown that scared me

Iooked down and saw Thailia half unconscious bleeding out she was dying.

Ever since we had left his parent's house he was never the same person. He was lashing out and making monsters come after us. I did my best to keep him happy but sometimes he would even yell at me.

“ Yeah what did he do?”

“HE DID NOTHING” Zeus yelled then I backed up.

He looked down at his nearly dead daughter and picked her up gingerly. Then kissed her forehead gently and gingerly. His expression darkened.

“ Grover Underwood, my daughter has perished in a fight while she was under your protection. Now since you have failed you will be punished.” Grover looked like he wanted to die. “From now on Thalia will be a tree she shall guard the camp borders like YOU COULDN'T DO FOR HER.”


I wake up in a sweat. I need a breather. I am quiet so I don't wake anyone. We had recently found two new athena campers and brought them to Half Blood hill. They needed all the rest they could get. I need to talk to someone but everyone is asleep at 3:00 so I sit on the porch and check my phone hoping my dad had finally said something to me. I sigh. Nothing, not one little message. I hear a loud roar coming from the big house and I stopped everything. 

I summoned a monster when I used my phone. I Grougnd how could I have been so stupid? I rushed toward the big house and grabbed my knife. I wouldn't let the camp suffer because I had been careless. First I saw Grover passed out leaning against a tree and my heart skipped a beat. That is when I saw him. My first thought was about his eyes. They were multiple colors of blue and I got lost in them almost immediately. I wanted to shout encouragement but I didn't I just stood there and watched.

 He was amazing. The most shocking thing: He was battling a freaking minitour. He finished off the fight and as the mainstay exploded into monster dust the boy picked up the guitar horn. He began calling for help and I rushed to his aide once he was in the camp borders I ran to get Chiron.


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