Never "Two" Close

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It’s called the Soulmate App. The premise of it? You input your basic information, birthdate, country of origin, name, yadda yadda, and it directs you to your soulmate by a compass. Fun, right? 


I’m a .

That’s what mother calls me after she drains half a bottle of wine and what father calls her when he comes home from work to an empty dinner table. 

My brother calls me a whenever I steal his socks, and it’s always prefaced by fancy vocabulary. Insufferable . Raging . Insolent . Just to name a few.


Lee Haewon



Park Chanyeol <3

A/N: This story was inspired by Love Alarm <3

OC Girls:

Hana (Junior, 17)

Sweetheart. Will cry if you look at her funny. Bakes cookies. Reads and writes fanfiction. 

Park Jang-mi (Junior, 17)

Pretty rose with sharp thorns. Will bite you if you look at her funny. Can't even cook ramen to save her life. Reads manga 'cause " too many words make me dizzy!" 

The Boys:

Oh Sehun (Senior, 18)

Live, love, laugh at peasants. 

Kim Kai (Senior, 18)

*aggressively inflates beach ball*

Byun Baekhyun (Senior, 18)

*whisper-shouts you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, into your ear* and then *punches you in the face with love*

Lee Haechan (Junior, 17)

My biggest disappointment? Not absorbing Haewon in the womb. 


Lee Mark (Junior, 17)

Livin' life to seize the opportunities. 

Lee Jeno (Junior, 17)

No bark, all bite

Na Jaemin (Junior, 17)

Been since 12.


(All pictures used are from Pinterest!)


A/N: Inspiration hit once again and BOOM, Park Chanyeol fic :) This will be a short, sweet, cute, and fluffy soulmate trope story.

I'm guessing 4-5 chapters! 

All the love, xoxo

Updated!! Sticking to short chapters :) Hope ya'll enjoy!


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Chapter 2: Haewon is definitely an interesting character. At first she's hard to like, but reading her interactions with her brother melts my heart.. and I'm soooo shipping her with chanyeol. LOL..
Chapter 2: This is interesting ;)
springrose #3
Chapter 2: love reading your super long chapter too but this is good too gets me excited to get the next chapter

Chanyeol having a girlfriend not going to stop them being from bickering everytime they see each other to some mushy mushy feelings and rainbow in the sky huhu

ohhh she's definitely going to get that warm place bcz she's going to make chanyeol say yes no matter what
springrose #4
Chapter 1: This is so interesting akdjakssk
Chapter 1: Woo this is fun. I wonder what chanyeol's reaction will be.