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Shin Seungho

I'm a dangereous person. I know that. 

But I'll do anything. Anything for her. 

Even if I have to kill the entire population on earth for her. 

I Will. 


Seong Aera

I don't want a fairytale. 

I don't care if he is dangerous for me. 

As long as I have him, I know that he will be there with me.

Even when I decide to become a monster. 


Jung Haein

I never thought that I could love someone again.

You give me a reason to be a better man.

So don't leave me.

When I have decide to let go of my pass and the girl who belongs to my friend. 


Kim Jisoo

Loving you hurt me the most.

But I can't denied that it's beautiful.

So open my eyes. 

And make me fall in love with you again.



KIm Hyeyoon.

They said that what I feel about you is obsession.

And I don't denied it. 

Because it s with my head.

When I know that you had rather be with that than being with me. 


Jang Junwoo

If I can hold you before, I can do it again.

So just sit and wait for me. 

Cause I promise you my flower.

That you will always ended up under me.

Whether you want it or not. 



Aera knows that when she decides to do this, she will lose herself completely. She knows that she will not be able to come back, but she has decided when they choose to ruin her life. She has promised herself the night when she starts to only see black. She vowed to herself that she will ruin the snakes and make their family watch as their lives crumble until nothing is left. If she has to become the monster, then she will. She will not stop until she is satisfied. 



Welcome and thank you for deciding to try and read this story. English is not my first language, but I'm trying to improve my grammar and other that is going to be involved with the processes of writing this story. I hope that you guys loves it. This is my first story that I have ever written with a mission to make sure that I complete the story. So I decide on Shin Seungho as the male lead for this story. Well I fell in love with him while watching Alchemy of The Souls, and oh boy I need to say this. HE IS FREAKING HANDSOME. He makes me watch and save all of the videos about him on TikTok and makes one special collection under his name. AND i have NEVER make a collection under korean actor except for K-Idols. 

For my OC, I'll be using Seo Yeji's face because I'm a fan. But she won't be as tall as her because I don't want her to be tall. Feel free to imagine her face as what you would want her to look like. 

Please do not copy and paste this story on another websites. This story will only be released on asianfanfics.com and maybe Wattpad if I want to. So other than that, it's not me. As i'm going to start my practical on 1st March, I'll try to write and update a lot for this story before I get even more busy with my Internship Programs. 




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