Sweet like lemon
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“DARA, GET UP NOW!! IT'S ALREADY 11” Grandma screamed at the top of her lungs, “gosh this girl, one day I’m gonna glue her to her bed” she wheezed in annoyance. It's Sunday, but it doesn't mean she could just lay around the whole day, she is just too carefree for this world. “That’s it, Let me just pour some cold water on her face” Grandma clenched her jaw, and threw the napkin she was cleaning with, already stomping her way upstairs. 


Jiyong instantly sprinted on his feet, blocking her way already, “I’ll try waking her up” he offered, hastily already running up to her room. This would be the hundredth time he had ceased grandma from beating the crap out of Dara. But he has a strange feeling that it will be the last time he was able to prevent her from it. 


Carefully knocked on the door before twisting it open. And as usual, there she was soundly dozing on her bed like a dead deer. He held up his phone and a song at full volume over her head. This would certainly wake her up and it did.


“ARGH” She cursed, covering her head with a pillow.


“I won’t stop until you sit up” he declared, pulling the quilt away, already folding it.


“JIYONG!!!!” she shrieked, kicking her legs in annoyance. 


“Get ready fast, I barely stopped granny from storming up here,” he said with the utmost nonchalant face, even picking up clothes that were laying on the chair, dropping them in a laundry basket, and organizing her desk. He had developed a habit of doing it. 


Granny had helped him a lot when he used to get beaten up by his father and had no money to pay bills, she was the one who gave him a job at her shop and paid him more than the average wages. He had been really grateful for her support and which is why he had decided to keep helping her even to this day. 


When granny came back from Seoul, she bought Dara along with her. that's when he first saw her standing there clenching on her doll, in her yellow flowy dress she looked even more pitied. He couldn’t help but take constant glances at her when they drove back home. She looked weak, at her young age she already had eyebags. 


For a couple of days, she never left the house, but then he kept trying till she opened up and maybe at some point she too felt the efforts and decided to take a step forward herself. He would make her laugh, take her to the movies, and go shopping. Daesung and Yongbae helped him greatly and in no time she started acting her age.


“Get out of bed Dara” he yelled out again as her eyes were still closed even sitting up.



“Who’d say this girl is a high school senior” granny made a tsch sound at Dara who was now on the dining table munching on her food basically what could be called her lunch and breakfast at the same time, she bluntly disregarded the remark. It wasn’t new, granny loves ranting every morning.


Their front door flared “see, told you she would be up by now” Daesung slapped on Yongbae’s back, extending his hand. 


“Man, Dara, why did you get up early today? I lost money because of you” Yongbae said grumpily, pulling out some bucks and throwing them at Daesung. Dara watched the two in utter shock, as the two dropped across her casually grabbing a spoon and digging in her bowl.

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