Time Machine


What are you supposed to do when you mistakenly open a parcel meant for your husband and it's actually a gift from your husband's ex? Mark Tuan has no idea. The never ending gifts are making him lose his sleep and sanity. Who is his husband going to choose if it comes to that? Mark had no intention of finding out because, unfortunately, deep down he knew the honest answer.


Hello everyone. Hope you all are doing good. As you all must already know this is not a new fic but an old one I'm reposting since the stupid me deleted it for some unknown reason. Hope you will enjoy this and pray for markjin to give me a little something so I can get to finish this new fic that i'm stuck halfway into. Happy re-reading.

PS: I have tried to remove as many errors from the previous version but know that English is not my first language so it won't make much of a difference. Lol

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