Spring Evening


 Jo still has Ej’s scent no matter how hard he tried to wash it off from yesterday’s accident.

His newborn a vampire/werewolf hybrid genes really took a toll that day. No one else seems to caught he left bites on someone accidentally, not yet at least.

Now, he’s hearing word Koga’s pack is joining his.

Credit for the summary, ao3 ArtieWiles.

Takes Place during Under The Skin Mv

Inspired By Dark Moon Blood Alter & Grey City. Title inspired by Bts Song

Also, inspired by ao3 fic, Bound By Dawn by Fifekun.

Pairing Ej & Jo

Tags: Forced Bite, Newborn hybrid Half Vampire Half Werewolf Jo, Imprinting, Platonic Imprinting, Forced Imprinting. 

Thank you My Beta Readers & Copy Line Editor.

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