Love Again

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Hyukjae has seen her whole life go backwards after an accident put her husband in a coma. With 3 still young children he tries to adjust and balance her life with help from her friends and family, after finding out that her husband couldn't remember the last 11 years of his life.
Hyukjae will do anything to make Donghae fall in love with her again, while trying to remind her of the life they built together.


I found this fanfic in my drafts already completed and thought... why not post it!
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1346 streak #1
Chapter 8: πŸ’™ this is such a nice read. Hoping that hae will eventually regain his memories
Hunnyann #2
Chapter 4: So sweet.. I love this kind of husband so attentive and supporting
Hunnyann #3
Chapter 3: Somehow it’s hurt and sad when someone can’t remember us
Hunnyann #4
Chapter 2: πŸ₯Ή