flowers in your hair now on our grave


For something so unadorned and simple as marigold,

its meaning proves to be otherwise: a sad good bye, or

a happiness coming one day.


helloo everyone!

it's been a long, long while, hasn't it? i think my last ddongie fic was a couple of years ago, and i'm still receiving your lovely messages towards my previous fics today and i couldn't be more grateful to hear that there are people who still enjoy reading them so tysm!!  

i have to admit that i, initially, had no plan to write a new ddongie fic bc so many things had happened to me in the past couple of years. i had to go through some unexpected loss of my grandparents consecutively in less than a year, it was so sudden and out of nowhere and their losses took a big toll on my mental health for the past couple of years that i actually withdrew from everything and took some times off myself to heal, and then i sort of got plagued with academic responsibilities bc it was my last year in university. recently i've gotten around to listening to love die young on repeat and somehow it sort of momentarily spark back my interest in writing which had led me to writing this fic, but uh... that's enough updates on my life i guess ☺

what i'd like to say is, this story is mainly inspired by eric's song love die young, both korean and english versions and you'll find that each chapter is inspired by each set of lyrics derived directly from the song. 

this might potentially be my very last ddongie fic, bc like i've said, i actually had no intention on writing another ddongie fic or fully returning to writing again as of yet, but something about love die young sort of pushed me into writing this story so i hope you'll enjoy reading this, and i'll be looking forward to hear your lovely thoughts on this! i'd like to also apologise in advance if there is any spelling or grammar mistakes, english is not my native language, and if i offend you in any kind of way throughout the entire story, i'd like to just clarify that it's not my intention to offend anybody so pls enjoy reading this and have fun!

until then, i'll see you all later if i ever changed my mind and might fully get back to writing again someday! ☺


disclaimer: all events in this story, some were inspired by existing events (and have been retold with some additional fictional alterings) and events that are entirely imaginary and fictional, so please don't take things out of contexts or see this in a wrong way bc this is entirely written for entertainment purpose only! if you don't like the ship or are not comfortable with this ship or with any character in this fic, please kindly do not cause unnecessary hatre towards those who enjoy this ship, we all have our own preferences so let's kindly respect each other! ^^

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