WGM (ep.7)-Music Bank surprise visit

I'm going to be on WGM?
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Your POV-

You had just come out of the elevator holding grocery bags of the lunch you packed for Doyoung and s which happened to be some kimbap and miso soup, along with some cookies you made as well.

(MC's Commentary)-y/n-ssi must be here to visit her husband for their comeback

You made your way to the dressing rooms after walking in ciricles, and looked for the one that had NCT127 written on the side of the door and knocked on the door.

(Taeyong)-y/n-ssi what a surprise! (he said while helping you with your bags as you entered the room)

(Johnny)-hi y/n-ssi Doyoung went to the restroom and will be back soon, but what's all this?

(You)-I know you guys just came back with a new song and figured you didn't have lunch yet so I made some kimbap and miso soup and some cookies as well for more energy

As soon as you said the word cookies both Mark and Haechan came to the table like hungry meerkats 

(Mark)-y/n noona you made us food? you're the best! Doyoung-hyung is so lucky

(Haechan)-wah this is so good noona, can we come over next time for dinner?

(You)-(laughs at his cuteness)-of course 

The members then soon gathered and started to eat a light lunch since they did have to go to rehearsals in 30 minutes or so

By the time Doyoung ended up arriving the members then scooted over so that you two could sit comfortably on the couch...and the teasing began

(Johnny)-y/n-ssi you should stay and watch our rehearsal I'm sure your husband would like that (he said while smirking in Doyoung's direction)

(Taeyong)-yes I agree with Johnny, Doyoung really shines on stage you know 

(You to Doyoung)-oppa did you eat yet?

(Doyoung)-No I'll eat now (he said while smiling at you)

The members then immediately fangirled because you called him oppa

(MC's Commentary)-s look jealous 

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