Moon & Sunrise: Fluffy Drabbles

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Another series where I try to make peace with writing very short stories compared to other separate oneshots. Mostly Moonsun being domestic or taking care of the other.

You might want to hold on to this cuz I don't think I'm going to write any fluff outside this series hahaha


1. I'm always behind you

Yongsun wouldn't say she loves Byulyi. But she could compromise to a certain extent.


2. Drunk

Pregnant Byulyi x Happy drunk Yongsun. 

If Byulyi ever wondered how she might have looked like when she used to be drunk, now she's got the answer.


3. Cheating?

Yongsun was annoyed with Byulyi. For a very reasonable... reason, of course.


4, (Adorably) Jealous

Old domestic Moonsun <3

Byulyi might behave like a kid, but she's Yongsun's kid and she will take full advantage of it. 

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