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- Byulyi?

- Hmm?

- I just want to call your name.

Yongsun looked at her with utmost adoration. The two were sitting outside the balcony against the wall, staring at the night sky. It was per Byulyi's request to do stargazing at the comfortable place that was their apartment, and as usual the brunette didn't have the heart to say no. 

It was normal for the environment surrounding them to be quiet since they lived near the outskirts of the city, but one might find it odd since it was New Year's eve. Everyone else was probably celebrating in clubs and restaurants in the city centre, or had travelled to their hometowns days ago to avoid traffic and unite with their families for the special occasion. They didn't feel so bothered being alone with each other here anyway; they have always been the other's family, and that was enough. Street lamps were perfectly dimmed, for once not overwhelming the moon and stars shining beautifully. 

- The sky is really pretty today.

Byulyi, like her name, was really fond of astrology...

- But you are even prettier. 

...and Yongsun was fond of everything about Byulyi.

The latter blushed furiously at the her unusual praise and cringy wink.

- What's into you today? - She mumbled, embarassed but happy nonetheless. 

- I'm just stating facts. You're the cutest and loveliest woman I've met in my entire life. - Yongsun shrugged matter-of-factly. Byulyi's laughter echoed into the night, and though surprised the other woman smiled in triumph as she loved to evoke such reactions from her. Suddenly, Byulyi's face contorted as she had a coughing fit, terrified Yongsun as she rubbed her back and pulled their blanket higher to shield her from the cold air. 

- Are you alright? Is it cold? Should we go inside?

- No no, there's no need to. It's been a long time since I last laughed that hard. I... I still want to watch the stars here with you.

Yongsun could faintly hear her girlfriend muttering under her breath,

"Who knows when it'd be the next time we get to do this..."

She ignored it. 

Instead, she chuckled and made a gesture:

- Fine, you don't have to panic like that. Come here. 

Byulyi quickly scooted closer to her, who was now laying down on the side. Back against her chest, the black haired girl sighed in content as a protective arm wrapped around her waist warmly. Comfortable silence stretched for a while, a light breeze dancing on the women's faces.

- Yong, can you bring my camera here? I really want to record this moment. - She asked, a little hesitantly as she didn't really want her to leave her side now but it would be a pity if such a marvelous scenery like this couldn't be captured. She tried to sit up and gesture her to the camera the brunette gifted her some years ago to for her birthday, currently placed on the coffee table in their living room.

Yongsun just smiled and gently pushed her back down to the duvet. To Byulyi's glee, she reached behind her back and took out exactly what she needed. 

- My 10+ years experience of stargazing with you has told me that it's better safe than sorry to carry this camera around whenever we do this activity. - The brunette smiled as she gave her lover the camera. 

- You're awesome. - The black-haired girl raised her thumb in approval.

- More like I just don't want to miss any second by your side. - Yongsun admitted. 

- I would prefer that too. 

Byulyi returned her smile lovingly, and for a moment Yongsun's breath hitched. It was the same smile that captured the brunette since they were just kids, the smile that made Yongsun swear she would trade her world away if it meant she could see it till the end of their lives. It's just that... how could she erase that hint of melancholy in her gaze? Or more precisely, could she do anything about it?

- Well, do you want to take your picture or not? - Yongsun pointed at the camera, distracted herself before she fell deeper into the rabbit hole. - There would be fireworks soon and you won't be able to see the stars anymore.

Byulyi directed her attention to the sky, and the shutter sounds could be heard as she did her favorite hobby. Then, she brought the camera away from her eyes and showed her works to her lover. 

- They are gorgeous. - Yongsun genuinely complimented. She was in awe everytime Byulyi captured the night scenes; there was always something peaceful, something so Byulyi in each of the photos that pulled the viewers closer. 

Byulyi's hands stilled in the air for a moment. Memories of a long time ago flooded her mind, where she and Yongsun would travelled hundreds of kilometers to the countryside or other regions of the country just to camp and stargaze. She taking pictures of the stargaze, Yongsun praising her skills

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