Part IV

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Part IV


Key sighed, he was currently sitting on the patio chair in the backyard area, sipping some tea and reading a book. The sun was shining brightly and the birds were singing, helping the chef relax from a days work of doing nothing. Exactly. Nothing. Jonghyun had gone on a 5 day business trip to Europe, giving the younger absolutely nothing to do. He's been trying to keep busy by making breakfast and lunch for the cleaning lady whenever she came around, and sometimes he'd convince her to stay for dinner, which she gladly did.

The younger was grateful he had someone like Mrs. Kim around, he learned more about her the more days went on; how she had a daughter who was a bit older than Jonghyun at home. She would come help the CEO whenever she could because she always said it was her duty, almost as if a mother would say about a son. Key smiled, the older woman was trulyone of the sweetest and most nurturing humans ever. Jonghyun must be like a son to her, Key thought. 

He remembered the conversation he had with her yesterday, it made him smile gently just thinking about it.


"Kibum-ah, your friend Taemin is right. You should celebrate your birthday, take the day off. I can tell Jonghyun youll be having a day for yourself, he should be able to survive less than 24 hours without you. No matter how much he thinks he cant." Mrs. Kim said, laughing at her own joke in the end.

Tonight was one of the nights the cleaning lady decided to stay back and have dinner with the chef, they were both seated at the dining table, eating, chatting and laughing, it was always a good time with Mrs. Kim. Taemin had also grown attached to her since clearly he's been talking to her about Keys birthday, the chef rolled his eyes and smiled.

"I really dont think I should. Jonghyun will be back the day of and he's probably expecting me to do my job, its been a long trip after all..." The chef said.

"Well thats what his mother is for, a meal or two is not difficult to do. You deserve to go and celebrate with your friends Kibum-ah." She smiled gently at him as she reached out from across the table and squeezed the chef's hand in reasurrance. Key felt it was weird that Mrs. Kim was talking about Jonghyuns mother like that, but they must be close so he shrugged it off.


"—No buts. You're going and thats final."


Keys birthday was tomorrow, which was the same day Jonghyun and Minho got back from Europe. He could say he almost missed the CEO, just a bit, but he'd be convincing himself otherwise. Plus, Taemin had been on cloud nine, always calling Key, rambling about the 'super hot assistant' as Taemin would like to call him. Apparently the two have been talking quite a lot now, the chef didnt even realize they exchanged phone numbers. 

He was happy though, the chef was glad his best friend found someone who matched him perfectly, someone who could support him and be there for him when he needed it the most. The chef had a good feeling about Minho and he was dying for the moment the younger couple would fess up and get together. But for now, he'd just have to let fate do its part. 

With that in mind, he wanted to invite the assistant out to his birthday. Key felt like they've already grown close as friends, plus Taemin and him were obsessed with one another, so the assistant was definitely invited. However, Key didnt know whether or not it would be appropriate to invite Jonghyun. Maybe he should wait and see what mood the older was in first, Key thought.

It was getting close to 6 o'clock and the chef needed to start making dinner; standing up, he grabbed his mug and made his way back into the villa. As he slid the glass door open and walked in, he bumped into a hard body, arms wrapping around him to stop Key from falling.


"W-what are you doing here?" Key asked wide eyed, the older male wasnt supposed to arrive right now. Not today at least.

"I live here." Jonghyun said, narrowing his eyes.

" sorry...I mean, youre home a day early. I havent even started dinner..." The younger stuttered, he hoped he didnt miss a call from Minho about an early arrival back home. Key went to grab his phone from his pocket, but noticed he couldnt move. Jonghyuns arms were still wrapped around his waist, he couldnt help but blush and push the older away, his hands feeling the hard muscles of Jonghyuns chest.

Jonghyuns eyes wavered, "That's alright. We finished early today. Minho has already went home. Take your time with dinner."

Key nodded slowly, "Is there anything you'd like to request tonight?"


"O-okay." Key noticed the older didnt seem to have anything else to say, so he moved to walk towards the kitchen, back now facing Jonghyun who was still looking out the glass doors to the backyard.


The chef stopped in his tracks and turned around, "Yes?"

Jonghyun moved to turn back around, facing the chef as he walked towards the younger and stopping just a few inches from him. "Have you been cleaning?"

"W-what?" Key hated how much he stuttered around the older male.

"Have you been cleaning the house?" Jonghyun questioned sternly.

Key didnt know where the CEO was going with this. "Not the whole house." He whispered, but Jonghyun heard each word.

"Stop doing that. Focus on your duties as a chef, youre not a housekeeper." Jonghyun said in a sharp tone.

"But I dont mind, I just wanted to help Mrs. Ki—"

"Kibum, how do you think I found out? You seem to be getting along with my mother pretty well."

Mother? Key didnt remember meeting Jonghyuns mom, he wouldve known if he met someone as scary as his boss. "Im not sure what you mean. I dont think ive met your mother yet."

"Yes, you have. In fact, youve been cleaning with her during your breaks, in which you should have been taking. If I needed a cleaner, I wouldve hired one. My mother comes here to clean on her own downtime while im at work, she has a lot of time to spare. Ive tried telling her to stop, but she continues to come. So im telling you now, stop cleaning. Youre a chef."

Key gulped...what did he just hear? The cleaning lady is Jonghyuns mother?! His bestie?! Mrs. Kim?! The chef was baffled, he shouldve put two and two together. Both their last names were Kim, but either way, Key couldnt have just assumed. Especially a sweet and kind older lady like her couldnt be the mother of this...this...handsome devil. Even the chefs last name was Kim. "I...Im sorry."

Jonghyun sighed in defeat, "Youre not in trouble so dont apologize. My mother seems to have taken a liking to you, she just couldnt say no to someone as pretty as you are."

The chef froze, did his boss just call him 'pretty'?

"Anyways, ill leave you to it." The older said, giving Key a smile as he walked away.

Key felt like he was dreaming, he pinched himself and winced in pain. Okay, he was definitely awake. His hands went up to his face, feeling the heat coming off his face as he slapped his cheeks, calm down, Kim Kibum. He's your boss. It was just a compliment.




Dinner was a bit quiet, only the sound of utensils hitting plates were heard, awkward glances here and there, and a confused Minho watching the silent couple. Key was still feeling flushed from the whole conversation he had with Jonghyun. First finding out he wasnt allowed to clean anymore, then he found out he had become best friends with his boss' mother, to finally Jonghyun calling him pretty. It was a lot to take in all at once.

"So Key, what are you doing for your birthday?"

Oh right...he completely forgot about his own birthday. But...he felt like the way Jonghyun called him pretty, was better than any birthday gift right now.

"Its your birthday?"

Key looked up, Jonghyuns voice interrupting his thoughts, eyes meeting as they couldnt help but stare; then breaking eye contact when Minho spoke.

"Its tomorrow, Taemin actually told me. You should have said something, Key!" Minho exclaimed. "We would have planned something!"

Key smiled, chuckling at the assistants childlike whining. "'I honestly wasnt even going to do anything, but...Mrs. Kim convinced me so..." The chef gulped as he slowly looked at Jonghyun. Maybe this would be the best moment to ask about tomorrow. "Mr. Kim, I would like to ask if I can have the evening off tomorrow. Would that be okay?"

Jonghyun was silent for a moment until he spoke up, "You can have the whole day off."

"N-no...thats alright. I wont be doing anything too crazy, just the evening would be fine." Key blushed, gently smiling at his boss; the thought of inviting Jonghyun to his birthday still running through his mind.

"Its already decided. Youll have it off and be back to work on Monday. Make sure you celebrate and have fun with your friends." Jonghyun said, no emotion in his voice, just a boss giving him a few days off.

Key sigh

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