Part II

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Part II



Jonghyun wants to meet you. Breakfast is to be ready by 9am, he's giving you an extra hour.

- Minho


Key looked down at his phone, reading the text he recieved just a moment ago from his clients assistant. It was 6am right now and he had an hour to get ready to leave. The younger was currently in bed, hair a mess and his eyes crusted. Key sighed in relief, he was incredibly anxious last night hoping everything went well with his clients dinner, it seems as though he got some sort of reaction since his presence was being requested.

Quickly getting out of bed to get ready, Key took a quick shower and made himself look presentable. He needed to make a good impression, he was a well known chef after all. Looking in the mirror, he checked himself out.

He wore black jeans that hugged his body just right, a white loose shirt and a thin grey sweater to top it all off. He looked simple but perfectly dressed to go officially meet his new client.After examining his outift, he packed his black book bag, fixed his raven coloured hair and stepped out of the house; driving to his clients house to start his day.

Once he arrived, Key got out of the car only to be met by Minho, who was standing by the entrance of the house, waiting for the chef to arrive.

"Good morning, Key! Glad you made it here safe!" Minho announced, as he walked towards the younger.

"Hey Minho, hows your morning?" Key asked, smiling towards the assistant.

"It's going really well so far. It's going to be a long day for you though." Minho trailed off.

"Yeah well, making breakfast, lunch and dinner takes a lot of time out of the day. I'm sure it'll go by super fast though." Key said, reassuring himself along the way.

."I hope you're right..." Minho said as they walked into the villa and towards the kitchen. The same atmosphere of calmness and comfort came back to Key, making his senses relax. The younger needed to find out what kind of aroma the CEO used to make his villa smell this surreal.

"I'll go get Jonghyun. You can start setting up." Minho announced, walking out of the kitchen to go upstairs.

Key nodded and started removing items from the fridge; eggs, fruits, milk, butter, everything he needed to make a hearty breakfast for Jonghyun, Minho, and of course the cleaning lady who was scheduled to clean that morning. He decided to make some pancakes, along with fruits that were cut in the most artistic shapes. Key wasnt sure what kind of eggs his client preferred so he was going to make three different types, scrambled, sunny side up and eggs benedict. It seemed like a lot of food, but his job required him to feed a minimum of 3-5 people at least.

As he put the apron on, he heard some footsteps nearing towards him.

"Key, meet Kim Jonghyun." Minho announced.

The chef automatically looked up, his eyes landing on Minho then moving to the man standing next to him. He was a bit shorter but his build made up for his height, he wore black slacks and a black silk button down shirt that had the first few buttons open, showing off a bit of his muscular chest and a beauty mark in the middle. Jonghyun had dark brown hair that was parted at the side, making him look professional and extremely handsome. Almost god-like.

For the first time ever, Key's heart skipped a beat.

"Nice to meet you....." Jonghyun said, trailing off unsure of what to call the chef, Key or Kibum?

"Kibum. Call me Kibum. Nice to meet you as well." Key almost stuttered before catching himself, trying to remain professional and unaffected by his clients appearance.

Something flashed in Jonghyuns eyes as he wore almost a sad smile, confusing the chef a bit. "I hope you've been finding everything up to your standards, Kibum."

Key smiled shyly at his client, "Yes, everythings great. Thank you very much. Was dinner okay last night?"

"That's what I wanted to speak to you about, Kibum." Jonghyun said, as he slowly made his way over to the island, standing on the other side of the chef.

Key gulped, unsure of what to expect. Either he hated dinner or he loved it. Which one was it going to be?

"Dinner was...up to par. I need you to really prove yourself."

Key looked at his client confused, his eyes furrowing. So he didnt like his food, Key concluded. Sadness and disappointment washed over him. "Y-yes, sir. I'll do better."

"Fancy food isnt going to impress me. I need you to be a bit more creative. Think outside the box." Jonghyun said, his eyes wandering a bit too long on Key's figure.

"Is there anything specific you would like to request?" Key asked, slightly annoyed, his professional voice coming back and his confidence slowly building back up. He needed to stand up for himself, not cower away. He was just as important as this guy that called himself a CEO, Key was the private chef to only the exclusive celebrities and tycoons. This guy was just another one of those, so called billionaires that only cared about themselves. 

"Not really." Jonghyun smirked, "I'll be watching you today, so do your best to impress me." 

If Key could scoff right now, he would, however, he didnt need a bad referral. Either he was going to impress this guy or he was going to quit. He wasnt going to let this guy push him around, and he could tell that his time here was going to be filled with that.

"Yes, sir." Key looked into Jonghyuns eyes, daring the CEO to piss him off more than he already has.

Jonghyun smirked and walked away, leaving Minho and Key alone in the kitchen.

"I didnt realize he was such a ." Key said, letting out a breath he didnt know he was holding.

"He's actually not usually really like this...maybe you just trigger something in him." Minho smiled.

"Great. Love that I trigger '' tendencies from my boss." Key rolled his eyes, turning around to make breakfast, this time scratching everything he had in mind to cook that morning. If Jonghyun wanted Key to 'think outside the box', the younger was going to do just that. No matter how confusing it sounded to him. He just needed to think.

"Don't stress about it too much, Key. Just relax and do your thing." Minho said, "He's a bit of a homebody, do with that, what you will."

Key looked up at Minho confused, a homebody? If that didnt confuse him more, he didnt know what did. He sighed, "Okay. I got this." After giving himself a small pep talk, he got to work.

Minho smiled at the chef and left the kitchen, giving Key all the space he needed to do his job and impress Jonghyun.

The chef started chopping vegetables, deciding to cook some Korean style egg roles, delicious soybean stew with pickled veggies and kimchi. Making sure to fry some zucchini pancakes on the side, he hoped it impressed Jonghyun enough, making sure the taste was unbelievably flavourful and mouthwatering. Nothing like Jonghyun would have ever tasted before, or at least he hoped.

After setting the plates on the dining table and telling Minho breakfast was ready, Key made sure to clean the kitchen right away. Scrubbing down the pots and pans, making sure everything went back to the way it was when he got there.

Sounds of footsteps came down the stairs leading to where the chef was. Key removed his apron, folded it and set it aside before Jonghyun and Minho entered the dining area connected to the kitchen. Two plates were set up with stainless steel covers, keeping the food warm while Key cleaned, the smell surrounding the villa was so incredibly inviting.

Key looked up towards the two men who were walking to the dining table, his boss, Jonghyun sitting at the head of the table, while Minho sat next to him at the side.

"Wow Key, it smells amazing!" Minho beamed at the chef, making him blush and smile gently.

Key really hoped it was to Jonghyun's standards. He stood at the other side of the table, across from Minho and next to Jonghyun. Waiting for them to take the first bite.

"You're not going to sit down with us?" His boss asked, glancing his way.

"W-what?" Key stuttered, not expecting to hear that.

Minho looked at Jonghyun, narrowing his eyes and giving him a questioning look. 

"Make yourself a plate, and have a seat with us." Jonghyun said, looking back at the steel cover on the table.

Key looked at Minho, giving him a questioning look but only getting a shrug in return. "O-okay." The chef turned back towards the kitchen and made himself a plate before sitting across from Minho.

"Please, enjoy." Key said, uncovering the food, the steam flowing out as Jonghyun and Minho observed the breakfast that was displayed in front of them.

Minho dove in right away, chowing down on everything that Key cooked, smiling in delight as he enjoyed the food. Key watched happily as the assistant ate the breakfast, then glanced at Jonghyun who was silently looking at the food. As if he was judging it. It made Key grow nervous, not able to pick up his chopsticks. The younger didnt feel hungry at the moment with all the anxiety running through him.

Finally, Jonghyun picked up his spoon and started trying the soybean soup. Slowly and delicately tasting it as he stayed silent. Next, he moved on to the eggroles, breaking one in half and slowly chewing it, then doing the same thing with all the other smaller dishes. 

The chef still had not picked up his utensils as he watched the older eat his breakfast, not speaking a word but silently eating.

Minho smiled as he finished his food, glancing up at both Jonghyun and Key who were being a bit too quiet. He definitely enjoyed everything that Key made, and he was sure Jonghyun did too, so he just watched in amusement as his boss and the chef slowly tiptoed around one another.

Finishing his meal, Jonghyun leaned back and wiped his lips with the white handkerchief laying on his leg; both Minho and Key observing him.

Glancing at the chef, Jonghyuns face remained expressionless. "You didnt eat."

Keys eyes widened in realization as he looked down at his full plate, "I...guess im not hungry." He smiled gently at Jonghyun who in return was staring into his eyes, making him look away from the deep gaze.

"Make sure you eat." Jonghyun

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