Part I

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Part I



"I have priorities, Tae. I can't just drop everything and focus on dating. My career is way more important than a fling right now." Key spoke into the phone as he pushed the cart through the selection of vegetables.  He was currently at a local mart purchasing groceries for his new client, a routine task before going to anyones home to cook.

Almost all of his clients had the tendency to keep their fridges empty because of their busy schedules. Many of them varied from being famous actors, singers, corporate tycoons, and all the sort. Key wasnt very educated on celebrities nowadays, which helped him a lot with his career. 

So at this point, Key has met his fair share of billionaires, and to Taemins dismay, he hasnt snatched neither a sugar daddy nor a husband. Not like Key was looking anyways, he was too busy doing his job rather than flirt with his clients, which was a big no no in Key's book.

However, Taemin agreed to disagree.

"Okay I get it—but, havent you at least considered coming on this one blind date. Its not gonna hurt you to have a little love in your life."

"I have plenty of love, thank you very much." Key rolled his eyes, "Most of it coming from your obsession in finding me a partner." He picked up a few tomatoes, inspecting them before placing them in a clear bag.

"You're lucky you still have my love, its slowly running out from the amount of times you call me crying over a dumb guy."

Key didnt think he called that many times. "Thats what best friends are for, so do your job. And I'm not going on this blind date, tonight is really important. I gotta impress this new client, im a bit nervous."

Rarely did Key ever get nervous with clients, but his assistant told him this was a big corporate CEO that was extremely picky with his chef's. It was Key's pride at this point, he wanted to prove he was an all around chef, someone you couldnt just fire day one. Which apparently, was something this certain CEO did. Fire absolutely every single chef he has ever had.

Well not this time, Key has never been fired and he wasnt going to let it happen this time. He's faced many challenges in life, this was just another one to cross off the list.

"Fine, I'll postpone it for next time. Do you even know who this new client is?"

"No dont postpone anything!" Key almost shrieked into the phone, making sure to keep his voice down. "And no, I have no idea. He wants to remain anonymous until he meets me. I only have his initials to gain entry through security. Apparantly he has crazy fans and stalkers who apply for this position."

"So he decided to find someone on his own?"

"Yeah, I guess. I told you I have remarkable cooking skills Tae. Even someone like this guy wants me to cook for him." Key smiled, proud of himself.

"Yet you still cant get laid. How unfortunate."

The older man grimaced at Taemins diss, "You're such an , you know that right? You know im older than you right?"

Taemin laughed into the phone, "De hyung. I'm so sorry, I'll go repent my sins. Make sure you update me on this hot new client of yours, I wanna know all the 'deets'."

"How do you know he's hot?" Key questioned as he added a few more last items to the cart.

"He sounds hot. A man that has crazy stalker fans and wants anonymity? Sign me up."

Key laughed and rolled his eyes, "Right, i'll keep you updated on his 'hotness'. By the way, you need to stop fooling around so much with all these poor men. Instead of bothering me about finding someone, why dont you look into dating seriously?"

"Pffft, yeah okay hyung. emphasis on 'hyung'. Meaning your first, i'm still young and living my life. Leave me alone."

"I'm only two years older than you ."


Key's eye twitched in annoyance. He was turning 30 years old this year and Taemin loved reminding him every chance he got. "Are you still coming over tomorrow night?"

"Yes sir, i'm bringing the wine!" The older male smiled at his best friends cuteness.

"I have wine, just bring yourself."

"I obviously cant come empty handed to my besties place. Plus, we'll need extra. You have a lot to catch me up on."

Key laughed, "Fine, fine. I'm just about to pay. Text you later?"

"Okie! Later!"

Key hung up the phone and started handing the groceries to the cashier. Anyone looking at him right now would think he was feeding a whole family, but this was just how a private chef bought groceries for their clients. He would usually become accustomed to his clients wants and needs, making it easy to curate 3-4 meals a day, depending on the person. 

Usually, some of his clients requested for him to live in their home while he worked for them during his employment. His longest client was an older actress in her 70's, lasting over 2 years until she didnt need his services anymore and needed to be looked after by other health professionals. A lot of his clients had movie shoots, comebacks or extremely slim schedules that gave them no time to cook, so thats where Key came in. 

He loved to cook, and Key was happy to have the opportunity to pursue a career out of it. No matter how difficult the client was, they always loved him in the end, making sure they hired him whenever they needed him. He built a name for himself and every client of his was just as important as the next. He couldnt disappoint.

After paying for the items, a store clerk assisted him in moving the bags into his car. The local grocery stores knew him, Key only ever went to two of them, one that had the freshest fruits and vegetables, while the other had the most premium meat and seafood selection in Seoul. He was a chef for the rich and famous, he needed to make sure he only bought the best, that's what they paid him for.

Once he had all the bags in the car, he drove off to his new clients home. Key was hoping he didnt have to meet the mysterious man just yet, he wanted to cook first to get the anxiety out of the way. Most of the time, his client would leave him with their assistant or manager, busy schedules not giving them much time to meet with the chef. So he only hoped it would end up being the same for this specific client, especially if he had the heart to fire all of his past chefs.



Key drove his car up to a gate that blocked off a neighbourhood leading to where the rich and famous lived. He's definitley been here more than once, mostly all of South Korea's elite lived in this area. Sliding his window down, a voice from the security box came through. 

"Name and reason for visit?"

"Kim Kibum. Private Chef for K.J.H."


A sounds coming

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