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"I'll participate in your event if you come with me tonight." He suddenly offered up an ultimatum. 

Minji held her next step, pausing her entire body to consider her options. She had never missed practice before.


But this event, it was clearly important to him. She didn't want to let him down. If it meant wasting one night on this total weirdo, it'd be something she'd have to bear. 

"If you take me anywhere weird I'll kill you. If you try to make a move on me, trust me when I say I'll kill you." She hesitantly agreed, showcasing a cold side of herself she long kept hidden. 

Never realizing that this decision, this split-second whimsical decision would change the course of her life forever.


Minji meets Dohyun for the first time in high school, tasked by her crush with organizing the school's first ever E-sports event. However, everything goes wrong for the idol trainee when she meets the first boy who doesn't bend to her will. A journey of two young adults chasing their dreams.

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Back with my first story after an extended break. Just a few notes: 

While the story follows an adjusted timeline of real-life events, characters are completely fictional. All images are animated as to emphasize the fictional element of the story. 

Rated "M" for language and adult elements. Not .

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