Unforgettable Us

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Lost ones are sometimes found back again. Like the bond they shared was found back through the decade of their yearning but could a lost love be found again? Without the interruption of their wrong timing again?

Join their tale of unforgettable us








“You wanted to tell me something. ”

“Later. ”


And it never came. 




❝So do right people with wrong timing ever get a second try?❞






Enchanted - Taylor Swift.

A Thrilling summer day - Yozoh.

Photograph - Ed Sheeran.

It's You - Henry.

Memories - Maroon 5.

This love - Taylor Swift.

With - Twenty Five, Twenty One.

Perfect - Ed Sheeran.

Perhaps Love - Howl and J. 

Rewrite the stars - Anne Marie - James Arthur.

Moments like this - The Afters. 

Paper Rings - Taylor Swift.

Live While We're Young - One Direction.

You And I - Kim Jong Wan (NELL)

Dreaming - Han Hee Jung. 

Cruel Summer - Taylor Swift.

First Love - Sondia.

Those eyes - New West.




“Author's Note”


This is purely a fanfiction. This has nothing to do with the reality and so with the characters in it. This story is written by me, and only me which includes only my imagination, so any relation or similarities with others would be just a pure coincidence.


No copy thingy here, it's not allowed but feel free to enjoy the time of the story till you like it or until the story ends.


Hey, besties!


I'm back after months of my break, and I'm also back with my new story which I'm really excited, and nervous to post at last. I have been working on it after finishing Once Again and I still haven't been able to move on from them but I'm really so happy and grateful for the amount of love you all have shown to it and I hope you'd shower the same love to the ones who are coming soon written by me, again.


This story has brought me lots of nostalgia, the feels, the emotions I have been feeling through these new characters are overwhelming. This one is simple, like my every story has been, without any drama or conflicts but if you or I, somehow find any, then do read it with the thought that I don't do complicated stuff to my characters but a little bit of flaws are allowed, right? Because the development is what would make them a whole of a character.


Anyway, I will post soon and do give your reviews about this one. Further more, I have an Instagram account which goes by the same name as my pen name, Niawritess. I have been posting aesthetics, and story related things so if you guys are interested, feel free to check it out!


P. S - I do suggest to follow because for some reasons, I can't seem to post the character aesthetics on asianfanfics so you guys can check out my wattpad or Instagram; all up to you!


Last but not the least; have a good day or night with the anticipation of my story.


Love, Nia💜

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