Ch. 11

Walang Hanggang Tahanan
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Minjeong (23:56):  minju

Minjeong (23:58):  you aren't in the hotel, right?

Me (00:00):  where are you?

Me (00:01):  the i would be in the hotel tho??

Minjeong (00:04):  i am just checking

Minjeong (00:05):  have you eaten?

Me (00:06):  ??

Me (00:06): the ing first time you asked me to eat in a while minjeong

Me (00:07):  are you sick or something?

Minjeong (00:08):  yeah

Minjeong (00:10):  sick of you, sick of yeonjun, sick of dad, sick of everyone, sick of everything, ing sick of life

Me (00:11):  i heard somi's with you rn?

Minjeong (00:12):  i'm nearby the island rn without anyone

Minjeong (00:13):  she's freaking out and i don't know why

Minjeong (00:14):  she's been on her phone and i'm mad because i cannot talk to anyone else right now

Minjeong (00:14):  tho

Me (00:15):  ang weird mo

Me (00:16):  you never asked and told me stuff this way

Me (00:17):  do you need something?

Minjeong (00:16):  peace of mind minju

Minjeong (00:17):  that's all that i need

Me (00:18):  but it's creeping me out

Me (00:19):  i am making faces while i reply to you


Minjeong (00:21):  you're not going to miss me, right?

Me (00:21):  sure..?

Me (00:21):  why would i btw?

Me (00:21):  are you flying back to s.korea because of surfing or something?

Minjeong (00:22):  i'm not going anywhere else but here

Minjeong (00:22):  the moon's so beautiful and the stars just can't stop twinkling!

Me (00:23):  how childish...

Me (00:24):  are you really just okay ?

Me (00:24):  i can go there

Me (00:24): i'm just roaming around... philippines is so nice

​​​​​​Me (00:25):  i see the moon and the stars too

Minjeong (00:26):  they're making me ugly cry minju

Minjeong (00:26):  i need a pair of warm arms

Me (00:27):  okay minjeong enough... you're making me overthink too much

Minjeong (00:27):  you're cruel then

Minjeong (00:27):  how am i supposed to stop from crying if this is the best time to? there's no one to hear

Me (00:28):  i'm calling the guards of the island

Me (00:29):  to update me about you

Minjeong (00:30):  they won't see me anymore minju

Minjeong (00:32):  it's so dark in here and i'm alone

Minjeong (00:33):  like always and for the longest time of my life

Minjeong (00:34):  you're not even going to miss me so why?

Me (00:35):  the guards can't see anyone there either

Me (00:36):  they said that there's no one on the island right now

Me (00:37):  where the are you really?!

Me (00:39): imma call somi


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will be adding an epilogue and a special chap. have a very very good vacation, everyone!


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oofiee 828 streak #1
Chapter 58: damn... sana masaya nga jmj sa other world kahit ilang years na nakalipas
oofiee 828 streak #2
Chapter 57: in book 1, seems like minju implied before that yeonjun could be a bad person... pero now i just feel bad for him D: crazy friend grp fr

if jimin didnt do black magic, will yeonjun live...? or di lang makakapaghiganti si yeonjun sa ppl who killed him...

feel bad for ppl, especially yeonjun, ryujin, and ningning
hotpinkMIMI #3
Chapter 57: so sad... but havey a, malan netflix ang plot
Dimchoi_ #4
Chapter 57: Great job author👏🔥💯👍
Dimchoi_ #5
Chapter 57: wahhh natapos ko rin hanggang sa latest chap~ huhu hmm, iniisip ko kung innocent talaga si yeonjun?
oofiee 828 streak #7
Chapter 57: 😩
oofiee 828 streak #8
Chapter 55: oh akala ko ighghost lang ni ningning si giselle... at least naask niya pa makipagbreak up
oofiee 828 streak #9
Chapter 45: yeonjun did not hurt her?? hallucination??
oofiee 828 streak #10
Chapter 43: omg minjeong :(