Ch. 7

Walang Hanggang Tahanan
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Minju (08:34): did dad tell you to quit youtube?

Minju (08:36): the wedding's going to get done soon

Minju (08:38): i called somi last night and she said just today that she will join us in coming to the philippines

Minju (08:40): she said that she also wants to see the island that the chois had given under your name

Minju (08:41): oh, might us well talk to her about your groom

Minju (08:43): heard that they're best of friends, too

Me (08:44): thank you for your new way of saying good morning, minju :)

Me (08:46): i just want to tell you that i ing hate you all :)

Me (08:49): didn't i say before that i do love surfing and youtube?

Me (08:50): it's the best thing that mom wants for me as well, to see me happy

Me (08:55): why are you and dad so like this to me? Can't i just have the freedom i deserve?

Minju (08:56): please, minjeong

Minju (08:57): no one exactly knows what your mind's confusing you with right now

Minju (09:00): yeonjun even said that you even did slap him as he tried saving you from taking your life AGAIN FOR THE NTH TIME

Me (09:03): EXACTLY :)

Me (09:07): that's not even half of the hatred i have for him

Me (09:08): he's going to kill me, i'm telling you!

Minju (09:11): oh, god

Minju (09:11): yeonjun was literally the one who saved you!

Minju (09:13): you can't be talking about him like that!

Minju (09:15): you're such an insane young lady!

Minju (09:16): stop all of your delusions, minjeong... you just have to take your medicine

Me (09:18): and i will keep hating him until you all cancel that ing wedding!

Me (09:20): i will keep on disobeying dad and hating that ing guy until you all decide to take down that ing wedding!

Minju (09:23): minjeong, please...

Minju (09:25): don't abuse his kindness and care

Minju (09:26): don't hurt him

Me (09:30): don't hurt me too

Me (09:31): otherwise i'll let him kill me

Minju (09:33): you're coming back to the old you, aren't you?

Minju (09:34): maybe somi will be able to talk to you

Minju (09:35): you will be able to let all of your feelings out as you only feel like giving all your emotions out to only somi

Minju (09:36): quit youtube, minjeong, please


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academically busy rn so i might drop entabladomakers or put it on drafts hehe,,,
will be adding an epilogue and a special chap. have a very very good vacation, everyone!


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oofiee 831 streak #1
Chapter 58: damn... sana masaya nga jmj sa other world kahit ilang years na nakalipas
oofiee 831 streak #2
Chapter 57: in book 1, seems like minju implied before that yeonjun could be a bad person... pero now i just feel bad for him D: crazy friend grp fr

if jimin didnt do black magic, will yeonjun live...? or di lang makakapaghiganti si yeonjun sa ppl who killed him...

feel bad for ppl, especially yeonjun, ryujin, and ningning
hotpinkMIMI #3
Chapter 57: so sad... but havey a, malan netflix ang plot
Dimchoi_ #4
Chapter 57: Great job author👏🔥💯👍
Dimchoi_ #5
Chapter 57: wahhh natapos ko rin hanggang sa latest chap~ huhu hmm, iniisip ko kung innocent talaga si yeonjun?
oofiee 831 streak #7
Chapter 57: 😩
oofiee 831 streak #8
Chapter 55: oh akala ko ighghost lang ni ningning si giselle... at least naask niya pa makipagbreak up
oofiee 831 streak #9
Chapter 45: yeonjun did not hurt her?? hallucination??
oofiee 831 streak #10
Chapter 43: omg minjeong :(