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Hi.. I’m posting the translation of beautiful story written by my friend MichyMixy in Wattpad. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed it. It’s not completed yet, but I will keep on posting the translated chapters as they become available. 

The translation and posting of the story has been authorized by the Author.  



A book, two boys and a cruel woman, which one of them will be forgotten?


The popular and handsome Kim JaeJoong has fallen in love with a boy. This boy is Jung Yunho, a very smart, handsome and kind young man. However, there is a downside, Yunho is not interested in JaeJoong in any way.
This is something new for Jaejoong who is used to being adored by everybody, he had never met someone who has rejected him in such a bold way.


Yunho has completely captivated him and Jaejoong is willing to do anything to make Yunho fall in love with him.


What will JaeJoong be willing to do to get Yunho's love? Is the feeling for Yunho love, or is just one more of Jaejoong's wims?

Will Yunho return JaeJoong's feelings or will Jaejoong end up giving up?

But what JaeJoong doesn't know is that behind Yunho's indifferent facade, there is a hidden secret.


Yunho is a promising young man, with excellent grades, he is very smart and correct; However, he hides a sad past under that perfect facade. He's been in love with the same woman for as long as he can remember. A woman who abandoned him long ago.


Will be Jae able to erase the memories of that woman? And most importantly, will that woman continue to be just a memory?



Page 88.


Don't love someone who will never feel the same for you, because you will waste your time.

Don't tell lies that no one will listen; you will be lying to yourself.

Don't promise things that you will never keep.

Don't talk just for the sake of talking.

Because no one is going to stay by your side forever. Never.

Not even me, because...



I don't love you.



He is in love with her. She doesn’t love him back.


He goes out of his way for her, but it doesn't matter to that woman.


She's tired of him, she wants to tell him the truth, but she doesn't in the end.


She is too bored, but she wants to play a little more with the poor naive boy.


She decides to leave, but before that, she leaves the young man with a task:


— Fnd a  book called "Crimson Love" and read page 88... then you will know my feelings for you.


—But where would I find that book? Tell me please.


—Nope. You have to find it yourself. You might find it iin some bookstore or library, I don't know. That book is very rare, but.... Don’t look for me until you have find that book.


—I won't 


—Good. It’s promise then. See you some day, maybe..


She knows that it's almost impossible to find a copy of that book, there are only five copies of that book in the world. She doesn't even have one.



"I don’t love you".


That’s what reads in the bottom of page 88. But he... doesn't know that until he finds that book.



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