The Crying Closet


Jimin started the crying closet with the best intentions, set on never ever getting involved or prying on people's reasons for using it.

But how could she not be concerned when the same girl went there every single day for a week straight?


"You've been coming here a lot lately," Jimin blurted, making the girl halt. "I’ve had to kick you out of the crying closet at the closing time all week. I really don't pry, but... do you want to talk about it… or something?”

The girl turned her neck, facing Jimin, her eyes all red from crying.

“I…” she sniffed again. “Thanks, but I’m fine.” And she darted away, dashing down the corridor and out of the library.

She’s fine. Jimin scoffed, shaking her head in disbelief. Why was she crying then, if she was fine?


Hello all, I'm back with a new winrina story! 

This one was a prompt a friend of mine gave me (thank you again!!!) and I remember I didn't even hesitate and started writing it right away. I've had this story written for a while, and I finally decided to post it. 

It's rather short, 4 chapters long. I hope you can enjoy it a lot, and as always, thank you for stopping by and reading my stories! ♥♥♥

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