Battlefield (2023 Version)

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Love is a choice.

Though every relationship has a beginning, a middle, and an end, they are unique with their own colors and depth. Some float shallowly. Some sink deeply. Some are colored brightly. Some are colored dully. One has control over how he wants love to be.


Follow the story of the eight agents striving to revive Call Me, the place that provided them a home and a chance at love, after an unfortunate event that turned the public against their services.


Call Me:
offers services that assist males in overcoming their relationship challenges



Love Is Unbreakable

Tuan Mark & Park Soomin


Love Flows Like Water

Jeon Jungkook & Oh Youngni


Love Is Acceptance

Son Hyunwoo & Im Myunghwa


Love Is The Greatest Attraction

Kim Jaejoong & Choi Yerin


Love Isn’t Easy

Yoo Kihyun & Jeon Chohee


Love Defeats All

Jung Taekwoon & Jang Seungah


Love Keeps One Going

Lee Jooheon & Han Eunjoo


Love Is Greater Than One Imagined

Kim Mingyu & Kang Minji

These 8 love stories are not standalone. Please read in order.




Story, characters, and places in this fanfiction series are all fictional.

Artworks by @l.artzxiii
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