Yuqi much like the rest of the production line of her team had a tendency to lock herself away when she had a sudden hit of inspiration. And also like the rest of the production line she had a very annoyed girlfriend storming into her studio when she had spent one to many nights away from their shared bed. "Yah Song Yuqi!" Yuqi looked up over her shoulder her headphones hanging off of one ear. "Shuhua? What are you doing here I told you I'd be busy tonight I-" Shuhua raised an eyebrow in a challenging look as she crossed her arms daring Yuqi to continue. The Chinese girl stood up from her chair taking a second to balance herself as it was clear to Shuhua that she hadn't been eating or sleeping enough. "Save your work and power down your computer. We're going home. No arguments." Yuqi pouted a bit. "But Shu Baobei I-" Shuhua glared at her and Yuqi took Shuhua's hands gently. She pulled them up to kiss the backs gently giving her a small hopeful smile. "Let me show you what I've been working on. Please. Then whatever you decide if we can stay here for another hour to finish or if we have to go home I'll do it no complaints I promise." Shuhua's eyes softened a bit. She had come here ready to play bad cop. She thought she'd prepared enough so that even Yuqi begged she would turn her down. But evidently she wasn't. Her thoughts were cut short as Yuqi leaned in wrapping her arms around her waist. She whispered softly in Mandarin. "Please my love. I just want to show you so you can be proud of me." She rested her head on Shuhua's shoulder her eyes closing as the comfort of having the Taiwanese woman so close to her had her pulled closer to dreamland than she had been in their days apart. Shuhua sighed and pulled Yuqi to the small couch in the room. "I'm always proud of you dummy... Fine take a nap at least then I'll think about letting you keep working for a bit. I'll ask Soojin unnie to bring us food when she comes to drag Soyeon unnie out of her studio. Shuhua laid down ushering for Yuqi to lay with her. The older girl smiled softly as she laid on top of Shuhua she laid her head on her chest and closed her eyes mumbling softly. "I love you." Shuhua smiled softly running her fingers through the girls curly hair as she whispered back. "I love you too. I just wish you wouldn't run yourself into the ground all the time." The two laid there for a while as Shuhua texted Soojin before snapping pictures of the peacefully snoozing Yuqi. 


About an hour later there was a soft beeping noise as Soojin put in the code to the door. She walked into the room to see Shuhua staring down at Yuqi who had clung to her as if she was the most precious thing in the world. She couldn't help the smile that came to her face. "I'm sorry for bothering you unnie. This pabo was being stubborn and I couldn't say no. Thank you." She whispered to the older woman. Soojin only shook her head. "It's no bother. I'm just glad you two take such good care of each other. I'll see you later?" Shuhua nodded and blew Soojin a kiss winking playfully at her. The older woman just shook her head and waved before leaving. Shuhua looked down preparing to wake up the sleeping woman sprawled on top of her only to see her already awake staring up at her with a pout. "What's wrong? Did you have a bad dream?" Shuhua tucked her hair behind her ear before cupping her cheek. Yuqi pursed her lips into a thin line scrunching her eyebrows at the girl under her. "I saw you flirting with Soojin unnie..." Shuhua smiled softly and kissed Yuqi on her cheek. "Don't be jealous you know I'm yours. And you know I can't resist teasing Soojin unnie." Yuqi pouted again and adjusted so that she could sit up. Shuhua sensing that Yuqi wouldn't be quelled so easily sat up also shifting to sit in Yuqi's lap. "Woogi my love. My darling. My heart. Don't be mad at me please?" She batted her eyelashes cutely at her. "It's not fair when you act all cute when I'm trying to be mad at you." Yuqi softened a bit wrapping her arms around Shuhua's waist. "Yeah well it's not fair that when I get mad at you you start whispering to me in Mandarin with you y deep voice that you know I can't resist." Yuqi smirked a bit. "You think it's y? I can show you y if you-" Shuhua cut her off. "Nuh uh no ma'am. Not today. You need to eat you're skin and bones. I could feel every one of your sharp bones stabbing me the whole time you slept." Yuqi made a grumpy face but leaned forward grabbing the bag of food Soojin had left for them on the table making sure to keep a secure hold on Shuhua's waist. "Fine fine. But tomorrow?" Shuhua smiled and rolled her eyes. "Maybe if you behave but you've not been so far so it's not looking good." She cupped her cheeks capturing her lips. "It's been a few days since I got to touch you..." Yuqi mumbled as she pulled Shuhua closer by her hips. "Who's fault is that?" She felt Yuqi shiver. "Now let's eat and then you can show me your masterpiece." Yuqi pouted but opened the bag as she was in fact very hungry. "Oh I'm so gonna make sure you can't walk after I'm done with you tomorrow." She mumbled as she opened the food getting it ready. Shuhua smiled leaning against the arm rest a bit to balance better so they could eat. 


After stuffing themselves and Shuhua forcing Yuqi to eat more even when she said she was full to make up for the last few days Shuhua stood from the girls lap and held her hand out. "Come on then show me what you have been working on?" Yuqi nodded with a smile. "I think you'll really like it. I'm excited." She went to her desk sitting down in her chair patting her lap. "Come come." She held her arms open. Shuhua made a face pretending like she didn't want to as she loved to girlfriend. Upon seeing that Shuhua was gonna Yuqi let out a whine stomping impatiently like a child. "Come sit on my lap. You know how I like it when you sit in my lap." She gave her girlfriend puppy eyes. "Please?" Shuhua smiled and playfully rolled her eyes. "Fine fine. I suppose." She perched herself on top of the other girls lap sitting with her arm slung around Yuqi's shoulder while the Chinese woman held her waist. Yuqi took the headphones putting them on the younger woman a bit anxious even though she knew Shuhua had never spoken badly about anything she'd written. 


Soft vocals and melodies began to play and Shuhua closed her eyes to truly focus on it. She took Yuqi's hand in her own gently rubbing the back with her thumb until the song was over. She looked up at Yuqi tilting her head a bit. "Woogie.." Shuhua began but Yuqi thinking it was bad stammered quickly. "I know it's not great t-thats why I need a little more time. I promise I'll make it better tell me what you don't like?" Shuhua pressed her finger to the older girls lips with a smile. "I love it. It's beautiful." Yuqi smiled proudly as relief washed over her. "Not nearly as beautiful as the woman I wrote it for." Shuhua rolled her eyes a bit but shifted so she could straddle the Chinese girl hugging her and resting her head on her shoulder. "You've got an hour but then we leave got it?" Yuqi nodded fervently as she got to work on the finishing touches. Soon enough she finished and began to gently wake the girl who had fallen asleep on her shoulder. "Shu wake up. It's time to go." Shuhua's eyes fluttered open as she leaned back a little. Yuqi smiled at her gently fixing her hair and Shuhua mumbled. "I drooled on you I'm sorry Woogs." Yuqi laughed softly and kissed her temple. "Wouldn't be the first time won't be the last. Come on lets head back to the dorm now and cuddle properly." Shuhua got off of her lap nodding. Yuqi stood up and straightened her hoodie out before taking the other girls hand and leading the way home.


The next morning Yuqi woke up to an empty bed at first she pouted annoyed to be waking up alone. But then she could smell the delicious food coming from the kitchen. She sat up stretching before getting up and heading towards the smell. As she made her way into the kitchen she heard a yelping sound causing her to run twords it. "I told you this is for Woogie get your own!" Shuhua glared at Miyeon who looked like a kicked puppy. "Minnie Shushu hit me." The oldest went to her girlfriend who was still all but asleep sitting at the table. "Shuhua don't hit what would Soojin say." Shuhua made a face and carefully prepped the plate. "She'd say don't touch Woogies breakfast." She turned to see said woman standing in the door admiring her. "Woogie! You're up early! Good morning my love. I made breakfast I hope you're hun-" Suddenly there was a crashing sound. They quickly turned to see Miyeon frozen in place in such a way that it was clear she was at fault. And on the floor laid the plate with Yuqi's breakfast. Yuqi grabbed Shuhua pulling her into a tight hug. "Baobei..." Shuhua tensed up. "Cho Miyeon I swear to you I-" Yuqi pecked her lips stopping her mid sentence. "Calm down Shu. Accidents happen you know Ramiyeon can't help herself." Shuhua nodded taking a deep breath. "Lucky you. Yuqi talked me into not hurting you this time. But next time..!" 


There was a light smack on the back of her head. "Respect your elders Yeh Shuhua." Soojin chided the woman who often forgot her manners. Shuhua whined stomping her feet. "But unnie she dumped Yuqi's breakfast and I worked so hard on it..." Yuqi sat down at the table with Shuhua in her lap. "I'll just eat what everyone else does. It won't be as good cause I'm sure you put lots of love into it. But it will be good none the less." Shuhua turned so she was facing the Chinese woman leaning in and kissing all over her face. An annoyed grunt could be heard as Soyeon made her way from the door of the kitchen to the stove where Soojin had begun to cook. "They're too sweet it's too early." She placed her hand on Soojin's . The taller woman rolled her eyes. "Whatcha doing there Jeon Soyeon?" The short blond woman yawned covering with her other hand. "You know I get cold in the morning so I figured I'd warm my hands." She smiled still drowsy as she looked up at Soojin. Said woman couldn't help but chuckle as she leaned down just a bit to peck her lips. "Go sit dork I've got your coffee brewing already." Soyeon obeyed her sitting beside the now fully awake Minnie. "Wassup small fry? How'd you sleep?" Minnie slung her arm around the small leader who quickly jabbed her in the side. "No touchy." Minnie pouted whining softly to Miyeon who cooed at her from the side as she cupped her cheeks appeasing the tall woman. 


Yuqi and Shuhua were in their own world ignoring everyone as Yuqi whispered sweet words to the woman in her lap using their native language. "I love you. I don't know what I'd do without you." She held Shuhua close leaning in just to press a few light kisses across her face. "You'll never have to find out. You're stuck with me forever." Shuhua smiled cutely at her. Soojin interrupted them by setting a plate in front of them. "Eat up love birds. You're giving all of us diabetes just by looking at you." Minnie chuckled as she fed Miyeon from her own plate. "It's cute. But it makes the rest of us couples just look like good friends." She teased and playfully rolled her eyes. Miyeon pouted and squished the Thai woman's cheeks in her hand. "Just good friends huh? I didn't know good friends did the kind of stuff we did last night..." She whispered the sentence causing the Thai woman's face to turn red. "Yahhh Ramiyeon!" Miyeon smiled pecking her cheek. 


Yuqi smiled as she watched everyone interacting. Shuhua fed her a bite of food. "What are you thinking about?" Yuqi took the time to swallow before answering. "I'm just happy you dragged me out of there so I could spend time with all of you." Shuhua crinkled her nose. "Cheesy." Yuqi crinkled her nose back at her. "You like it Yeh Shuhua." She leaned in and pecked her lips. "Yeah maybe I do." Shuhua answered with a smile. 

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