I've fallen for a monster..


July 28, 2013, A day that I'll never forget.. I.. Fell in love with a beast, a monster, a person that doesn't deserve to be loved. But still, I chose to love him.. To become "like" him. This is my story. A story about how I became a person that everyone hated..

-Nicole Jung


I know I know, Y'all should be hating me now.. The Story "One night only" is temporarily canceled. 3 Dunno when will I continue to write it, I just ran out of frickin' ideas. :\ For the meanwhile I'll be writing this new story called "I've Fallen for a Monster". I'm gonna make this story very interesting and mysterious for all of you. =)) I hope you enjoy reading it. I'll be releasing a chapter every week. I thought about the characters carefully and I'll be thinking about the story thoroughly. I hope you'll love it. Thanks~ <3

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Chapter 4: Wow...TOP really must like Nicole...NICE! If I was Nicole, I would just accept his offer to go on a date and get it over with. I'm beginnig to like this story a lot! Please update soon!
Chapter 4: I'm curious about what happend between top n seungri.... thanks for the lovely story author nim
aiko322 #3
Again pls update been waiting but pls try to upload soon ^.^
aiko322 #4
OMG.... I REALLY LIKE YOUR STORY... please update soon ^.^
Pleaseeeee.... Update pleaseeeeeee.......... >.<
Lonelysouls #6
Pls dont do anything to ailee. I hope nicole will make the right decision. Will wait for ur updates. ^^
LemonCupcakes37 #7
I like it so much !!!! Update soon pleaseeeeeeeee !!!!! :)
I really like your story. update please. <333
Love this already <3
Update soon~
Whoa Update please! Top & Cole :) but then again there are GD & oso Thunder so IDK... Love it <3