Finding peace


Overwhelmed by the stress and isolation of being G-Dragon, and sick of drinking the lonliness away, Jiyong takes a late night walk in in Seoul and finds himself in a most unusual place.


Jiyong stared out the window, watching the rain pelt the glass and hearing angry thunder rock the city below. He had just ended a live on his Instagram, one the first times he spoke about just how lonely his life was. Of course, the comments flooded in. Well wishes, positivity, we love you, G-Dragon! It was soul crushing, how isolated he had become. Almost like an animal in a zoo. His relationship with Jennie was also going to ; the only person he felt he could finally be himself around was probably on the way out due to his excessive drinking and consistantly busy schedule. He hadn't shaved in days, just drinking and sleeping.


An SMS pinged his phone and he snatched it up, switching it off and leaving it on the window's ledge. He was tired of his manager most of all, who seemed deaf to his plea to be left alone for a while after his last tour ended. He stuffed his hair under a beanie and pulled on a hoodie, determined to take a walk even if it meant walking in the pouring rain rather than drink his lonliness away this time. "03:30am, ." Jiyong muttered as he stepped into his shoes and flipped his hood up, heading out. The fat raindrops falling on his barely phased him, as he lost track of where he was or how long he had been walking. There was almost no one on the streets, in part due to the hour and mostly due to the ty weather. Might as well find a dive bar, there were no people to watch, drinking wasn't sounding so bad after all. He looked around, no such luck. He had wandered into an area of street lamp lit part of Seoul where people actually lived, not worked and had fun. But a warm, brighter glow caught his eye from across the street. Something was open.





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