Boss of Me

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Kai and Hyolin meet by chance at a university meetup and sleep together. Hyolin tries to pretend that nothing happens, but Kai wants more. When he finds out Hyolin's secret he uses it to force her to his side. How will their love story end. This is a school life drama that follows the love story of opposite personalities into adulthood. 


Hyolin managed to get the photos of Mirae without being seen. They were grotesque, showing Mirae in compromising positions. These guys weren’t playing around. They meant to hurt girls.

With these photos, Hyolin hoped to put a stop to their psychotic behavior.

 She snuck back out of Seung-tak’s dorm room, but hearing voices coming up the stairs she turned in the opposite direction and bumped into hard. She looked up and clashed with Kim Jongin’s cold eyes.

. She was caught.

“Soo-hyuk hyung.” Jongin caught her arm “are you okay? What are you doing here?”

“Uh…” For a second Hyolin forgot that she was disguised as a boy, and this wasn’t the first time she’d encountered Jongin like this. He thought she was Han Soo-hyuk a sunbae in the music department.

When in truth, she was Lee Hyolin, a female student in the law department. If he found out the truth, her entire life would blow up.

“Ah Jongin ssi…I was just visiting a friend…I should get going now…”

“Oi Kai!” It was Seung-tak back from class.

, she needed to get out of here. She stuffed the pictures in her back pocket and edged away toward the opposite side of the staircase. “Nice running into you Jongin ssi...”

Seung-tak was staring at her, a frown on his arrogant face. Did he know what she’d done? He couldn’t…

“See you.” She her heel and dashed down the stairs of the boy’s dormitory. Only breathing normally when she was outside. It smelt like freedom out here.

“hey hyung!” Jongin had followed her outside! Hyolin pretended not to hear him and sped up. “Hyung!” he caught her arm and swung her around. Hyolin glared furiously at the ground and then cleared her expression. “Didn’t you hear me calling you?”

“I uh…was that you calling me?” She tried to pull her arm free. He let go, realizing he was still holding her.

He looked annoyed but then smiled. It was scary how quickly his face changed. “Can we get a coffee or something?”

Hyolin couldn’t hide her confusion. What was this guy’s deal? All she wanted to do was get back to the safety of her apartment. “Maybe some other time.”

“I saw you come out of Seung-tak’s room. I know you took something. Should I go back and tell him?”

, he had her trapped. She had no choice but to listen to him. “Fine, where do you want to go?”

“How about your apartment? I heard rumors that hyung lives in a high rise.”

“Ani…” it was impossible to take him back to her apartment. He’d figure out her secret.

“It’s either that or I tell Seung-tak what I saw.” He waited looking smug. 

Hyolin felt the blood drain from her face. “Follow me.”

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