Ideas for You (Story Recycle)

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This is just a place where I'm going to abandon my discontinued fanfic and also unused story ideas. Feel free to use the plot in here. This place might be disorganized though.


*You may not credit me for the story ideas, unless if you copy the whole sentences word by word.


As the title says, this is just my story idea dump shop. It seems that I have many weird ideas for fanfic but don't have much time to write and... couldn't express them as a story (I'm currently working on some of them though but I don't plan to publish them until they are done). Instead of completely abandoning my story ideas or lock them up in the dungeon of my mind, I would just 'donate' the plot here, in case if some people here are interested in the plot that I did. I'm just gonna dump Three of my story ideas that I think to be deserving when they are in the 'right hands' for adoption here.


Note: The upcoming chapters will just give you plot ideas, not the exact summary for your description. So you may rephrase them.


"One man's trash is another man's treasure" 

Do comment if you want to take any of the ideas
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