Dating App Match

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Kang Hyewon was the Travel Correspondent for P!nk Magazine, she finds herself bored one Friday evening as she awaits her next assignment from her Editor-in-Chief, she mindlessly scrolls through Tinder and Matches with her Celebrity Crush, Korea's Hottest Girl Group, HypeGirls she remembered she could have become a member if she didn't give up on her training and decided to pursue photographing sights and scenes. She thought she was being catfished or so she thought.

Kim Minjoo was a part of Korea's Hottest rising Girl Group, called HypeGirls, three years in and she was bored with her idol life, so she does Tinder and matched with Kang Hyewon, she looks at Twitter and found that Hyewon suspected her of Catfishing. She proves otherwise that she isn't and goes on a date with her with Eleven of her Members because they're her family and they were a bunch of kids like her who 11th Wheels whenever one of them gets a date.



Welcome to this three year draft I've been sitting on, originally a SaTzu Fic, but I've currently converted it to a MongMin Fic, because I love MongMin. LOL. This was meant to be a Social Media AU but again, I am not into editing stuff. So, I decided to draft it, I've been waiting for SaTzu to come back but always missed the timing to publish the story, so I did what was best for this idea and turned it into a MongMin Fic. This is a short story, I guess? I'm still half way through the other MongMin and here I am again, creating my drafts. Hahahahahahaha! Please forgive me for my adventurous mind. I am just as pissed at the world as you and I am turning all the bad into stories, my own narrative and ending. Which is Fluff, most times. Because ya girl can not write angst, which explains why I am still stuck on the ending of that other story. I am getting there though. Despite being on a Hiatus, I am still writing these stories. So, spread light and love please and stop comparing our girls, because they are a family. Bye, see you when I get done on the story 'Hail to the Queen' and oh here is the original cover I had and the replacement.

Original Cover

Final Cover


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