multiple characters rp anyone? ♡


click if you wanna click~ ♡ 


welp guess what? i was supposed to work this November but guess what? just guess... no? welp, the job that i applied for and got ACCEPTED at called me and said nope, it's cancelled.. so this is the second time something like this happened to me so to prevent myself from jumping off a bridge and make my whole family upset... i decided on giving up and let me just place an rp ad to keep myself sane ( this actually happened, i'm not making an excuse and i am so done with life right now..) 


So yeah i am looking for someone who is interested in joining me for a multiple characters roleplay on discord? Don't worry it may sound difficult but it's actually fun and i will help and teach you of course in case you are confused with how everything goes, it was fun when I did it with someone who... ghost me lol. 



♡ I’m 23 years old

♡ I’m gmt +1

♡ sorry but mdni

♡ I have a lot of characteristics so if interested, I’ll open up more and hopefully we can even become great friends in the future!

♡ I’m a switch so if you would like someone to be dom or sub, I can be it 

♡ Need a listener or someone to listen to or even cuddle with? Come here! 

♡ I am currently looking for casual talkers and a sfw roleplayer but nsfw is fine too!

♡ I mostly roleplay female but I don’t mind male so if you do too, fl is much preferred but let me know who you like to roleplay~

♡ ( currently looking for someone who would like to roleplay as wonyoung as a little sister for a sisters roleplay! ) 

♡ I am pretty shy and sensitive at first 

♡ just want someone to talk to and keep company and give them all the love and attention I have! 

♡ if you’re the type to ghost please do not bother, it already happened to me that people would just ghost me and I would be thinking "I talk too much.." or "I scared them off.." just tell me if you aren't interested anymore or busy or you'll respond later, I prefer that a lot more! 

♡ I am looking for someone very active! or at least someone who will reply to me at least once a day!

♡ looking for someone who is needy and clingy but also very sweet and not judgemental

♡ We can take care of one another

♡ Let me know what type of rp's you are interested in, i currently wanna try something supernatural but mostly slice of life and au like~ 

♡ I can be random at times but in a good way lol

♡ I don’t really have a sleeping schedule but if I fall asleep I’ll let you know! 

♡ I love being aesthetic and thinking aesthetic 

♡ I like roleplaying with a plot 

♡ i am mostly interested in yuri but straight is fine too! 

♡ So if interested.. leave a comment or dm, i will try my best to respond to it asap with my id or yours by adding you! ^^

♡ that is all, i wish you a wonderful day/night ahead! bye~ 

♡ also i recommend ya'll to listen to fromis_9's DM that song is a banger! and i know i am LATE but ya'll could've told me! ;;;

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